Testing New Makeup

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my quirky corner! Thank you so much for joining me today! Today I am very excited to share my thoughts on some new makeup finds. I have tried out all these products at least once, and I'm ready to tell you what I think. Now, obviously these are only... Continue Reading →

Casual Catching Up With Me

Hello, and welcome back everyone! Thank you so much for joining me! So as the painfully obvious title suggests tonight I am just catching up with my readers. It is currently ten minutes until 9PM where I live, and I am laying on the couch with my puppies binge watching Netflix. Yes, I am aware... Continue Reading →

June Boxy Charm Unboxing

Hello Everyone!  Welcome back to my quirky corner or if it's your first time here thank you so much for joining me. Today I am bringing you another Boxy Charm unboxing! This is seriously such an exciting box! I recommend it to all those who love beauty because it is the box that gives you... Continue Reading →

The Woman in the Window

Hello Everyone! Today I am excited to bring you another book review! I have so much to say about this one that I can barely contain my excitement! If you're into thriller books that are full of plot twists then this will definitely be your type of book! It has a rocky start, but by... Continue Reading →

May Boxing Charm Unboxing

Hello Everyone! I hope you all are enjoying a safe and fun Memorial day weekend! Nothing much going on for me. I am just getting things done around the house before heading to bed super early. This week starts my 2am shifts for work, and let me tell you I am never fully prepared for... Continue Reading →

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…

Hello everyone, and welcome back to my quirky corner! I am super excited for today's post because I am finally talking about a book that has totally changed my way of thinking! I picked up Don't Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson months ago, but only recently did I finally read it. I wish... Continue Reading →

A Day in My Life. Vol. 1

Hello Everyone! Today I am starting one of the new things I want to do here on my blog. To help my readers get to know me better from time to time I want to talk about my day. I hope you all enjoy this a lot! If you're interested to hear about my weekend... Continue Reading →

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