Hello everyone!

First things first my name is Kayle! This is my first blogging attempt so I figured I would start off with explaining why I am starting a blog, and how I came up with the name for it.

The reason for starting a blog is I wanted an outlet to share my story along with my passion for makeup. I am a true makeup junkie! From drug store to high-end I want it all! I buy lots of makeup to test out, and I am hoping to share my experiences here. I want to give my personal opinions on different products, share my favorites, and just talk about all things beauty!

Another reason for starting to blog is to share my story about how I got into makeup. I have struggled with anxiety since I was a child. One thing I have found that helps with my anxiety is doing my makeup. My passion for diving into the beauty world has helped me handle my anxiety a lot better. I am hoping that by sharing my story that I can help at least one person with their personal struggles. Hence the name Distressed Beauty. I felt that this title would perfectly describe what I will be posting about.

I hope to get the chance to interact with other makeup addicts out there who understand my passion for the beauty world! Starting off I will be posting three times a week, but that may increase to more later.

To anyone reading this thank you for giving me a chance, and I hope you come back!

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