My New Favorite Liquid Lipstick!

Hey makeup lovers!

When it comes to my lips I am definitely the matte liquid lipstick type of girl! Occasionally you’ll catch me wearing regular lipstick or a gloss, but not often. Liquid lipsticks are certainly my top pick.

Now, admittedly, I am quite picky when it comes to my liquid lipsticks. My general criteria is a thin consistency, completely matte, one swipe pigment, long-lasting, and transfer proof. Quick warning for those trying liquid lipsticks for the first time this type of formula will typically have a highly dry feeling on the lips. The dryness does not bother me at all. I would much rather have a dry lipstick that does not transfer than a comfortable one that does transfer. It really is just a matter of preference.

Now, here is what has me raving. I have finally found a liquid lipstick that meets all the criteria I have plus it is also comfortable! I was checking out the just arrived section on my Sephora app as I do probably too often. As I was scrolling a new liquid lipstick caught my eye. This liquid lipstick is from none other than HUDA BEAUTY! I have worn the lashes from this brand for quite some time, and I absolutely love them. So when I saw she had come out with liquid lipsticks that had a description that met my criteria I knew I had to get my hands on a few!

Starting out I bought two colors of the liquid lipsticks, and two lip liners as well. For liquid lipsticks I chose two colors that I knew I would use all the time! The first is a dusty mauve which I am always drawn to these types of colors. This shade is named Medusa, and I absolutely love that name! The second shade named Bombshell is your typical pinky nude that every girl needs in her collection. Since I was trying out her liquid matte lipsticks I decided to try a couple of her lip contour matte pencils as well. I decided on the matching lip contour in the shade Bombshell to pair with the liquid lip also in shade Bombshell. Then for the shade Medusa I chose to pair it with a rosewood shade named Trophy Wife.

These liquid matte lipsticks and lip contour matte pencils have quickly become my holy grail products! I was a little nervous when I read through the reviews on Sephora, but once I tried them I was obsessed! After wearing these I don’t want to wear anything else. Now let me explain why I am loving these. The lip contour matte pencils are highly pigmented and super creamy. Those two reasons are all I need to continue to use them paired with the liquid matte lipstick or alone. The liquid matte lipsticks are everything I could want in a lipstick. They are highly pigmented, dry completely matte, transfer proof, and it feels like you’re not wearing anything at all! If you want a long-lasting, zero transfer, comfortable liquid lipstick then look no further! HUDA BEAUTY did an amazing job on these, and as always they killed it with their packaging.

On the liquid matte lipsticks retail for $20.00 US, and the lip contour matte pencils retail for $19.00 US. These are 100% Kayle approved, and in my opinion are definitely worth the price.

In the picture I am wearing the shade Medusa! I hope you guys try these out, and love them as much as I do!


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