Becoming a VIB Rouge Member!


Sephora said it right: “It’s not just a status, It’s a state of mind.”

When I first started out in makeup I never imagined I would get the chance to be a VIB Rouge member. I started out buying makeup from Sephora just to try some products I had heard other people raving about all the time. When I made my first order I also signed up to become a beauty insider. To become a beauty insider is free, and there are of course perks to this first level. Then there are two other levels that require you to spend a certain dollar amount within a calendar year. The second level, VIB, requires $365 to be spent while the third level, VIB Rouge, required $1000 to be spent. The higher the level the better the perks become.

When I become a beauty insider I never imagined that I could spend $1000 within just one calendar year. I honestly thought that was a status I would never achieve. To finally have earned that status is quite mind blowing. To me it is so much more than just a status. For me becoming a VIB Rouge is symbolic of my passion for makeup, and how much it has grown. I came to be a VIB Rouge because my love for trying new products has grown more and more over time. Makeup has become a happy place for me. I love to shop it, use it, and speak about it to share my opinions with others.

Now, I can’t take all the credit for becoming a VIB Rouge. Part of that money spent came from gift cards being spent that I got from family or friends. Everyone in my life knows how makeup obsessed I truly am so it is a gift they know I will love. I am thankful to family and friends for always supporting me.

Makeup truly become a passion for me. I have always been into makeup for as long as I can remember. I remember playing in makeup when I was still in elementary school, and even back then my mom supported my passion. Over the past two years that passion has really grown. There is something calming and relaxing about doing makeup. I want to try out and review as many products as I can to learn more about makeup. I used to only focus on products good for me. However, now I have branched out to learn about good makeup for all skin types and ages. I even have branched out to learn more about skin care. In my heart, makeup is truly something I love. Therefore, it is amazing to become a VIB Rouge because for me it marks how far I have grown, and how much I have learned.

This post is in no way bragging. I don’t want it to come across that way at all. I am so excited to reach this “state of mind” as Sephora says that I just had to share!

Who else is a VIB Rouge member? Or any level of beauty insider for that matter. I would love to hear other people’s journey with makeup as well!

Also before I go, if there are any topics or reviews you would like to see just comment below. I am always open to suggestions on what I should post about each week.

2 thoughts on “Becoming a VIB Rouge Member!

    1. I will be doing monthly Love It or Leave It posts to discuss favorites and least favorites! Also I will be doing a haul post soon talking about what I have recently purchased! So keep an eye out for those! Thank you for responding Miranda. 🙂


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