My Favorite Makeup Brushes!

Good morning Beauties!

I know I have missed a few posts lately. It has been quite a hectic couple weeks, but I am back! It’s great to be back to talking about my true passion with all of you.

When it comes to makeup and skin care I am always willing to pay the price for them. If there is a product I am wanting whether it be cheap or expensive I will get it. However, the one product I will not splurge on is makeup brushes. There’s not one specific reason for not splurging on brushes. I personally have just never had the desire to spend a lot of money on them.

Fortunately, my most favorite brushes are affordable! The brushes I’m talking about are from Morphe Brushes! This company as a whole is amazing! Their makeup and their brushes are high quality with a cheap price tag. Now that’s a winning situation!

My Growing Collection

My Favorite Collection!

All the brushes from Morphe are great quality, but I have to say their Elite II collection is my favorite. This collection is the more expensive one, but still very affordable. I currently own a combination of the Elite one collection (No longer available), the Elite II collection, and the Flawless collection. I love all of these brushes! I do use other affordable brushes, but I always reach for my Morphe brushes over all my others.

Why do I love them?

The quality of these brushes is the main reason I love them. They are made incredibly sturdy. I have owned some of these brushes for quite a long time, and throughout many washes they are still holding up great. The brush hairs don’t shed which is a major plus. They offer synthetic hair brushes as well as natural goat hair brushes. I have a combination of both because I like them for different uses. They are all very soft, but not too soft. Sometimes a brush can be too soft which means it won’t apply pigment as well as it should. I never have that problem with these. They deposit the right amount of product without being scratchy on the face. These apply and blend out my makeup with perfection.

The other reason I love these is because they are a great price! Everything on the Morphe website is affordable, and the quality is the same, if not better, than high-end product. You can’t beat the prices from this company. I love the brushes and their eye shadow palettes as well.

If you haven’t checked out Morphe Brushes then go browse their website. The quality is amazing, and you won’t spend an arm and leg on the products. I am in no way sponsored by them. The company has never heard of me. This is my humble and honest opinion on these brushes. I highly recommend you to check them out!

~ Kayle Jo ❤


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