My Night Time Skin Care Routine.

Hello My Beautiful Readers!

I am obsessed with makeup as you have probably already noticed. I am a true makeup junkie. As much as I love makeup I also want to stress the importance of good skin care. If you don’t have a good skin care routine then your makeup will not apply as well as it should. Even if you have the best quality makeup it will not apply as well as it should if you don’t practice good skin care. Think of good skin care as prepping the canvas for the paint. The better surface you start with the better the products will apply, and the more flawless you will look. Honestly, in my humble opinion, you should splurge on good skin care products! High dollar skin care means it has high quality ingredients. I would recommend spending more money on skin care, and less on makeup. On top of helping your makeup apply better it also keeps your skin looking healthy and youthful for longer. Skin care is highly important, don’t skip it!!

I personally have a morning skin care routine and a night-time routine. My night time routine is more in-depth so that is what I will be sharing today. I have combination skin that is prone to acne and blackheads. These items work well for me, but some are expensive. If you want to try any of these I would suggest getting a sample to try before dedicating to the full size. Everyone’s skin is different so some of these products may work great for you or they may not work at all. This is just what works well for me, and it may give you some good suggestions.

I do use different masks throughout the week as well. I could do a separate post on masks that I like, and why I use them. For this post I just want to talk about the products I use every night of the week. So let’s get into it!


Step One:

My first step I only do if I have put makeup on that day. If I have wore makeup then I like to use a makeup removing wipe to take off most of the makeup before continuing my routine. My favorite makeup wipes to use are Burts Bees ($5.99 US) facial cleansing wipes in pink grapefruit. These remove my makeup really well, and they are gentle on the skin. They do have a strong smell to them, but I find the scent refreshing. I really love these, and they are affordable!

Step Two:

The second step is to go in with my favorite facial cleanser and my clarisonic. My go to cleanser is the Peter Thomas Roth anti-aging cleansing gel ($38 US). My skin has never felt as clean as it did when I started using this cleansing gel. I honestly feel like it gets deep down in my pores to cleanse them which prevents excess blackheads from forming. I like that it is a thick consistency without being too thick. It never breaks me out which is a huge plus because a lot of cleansers do. It also has anti-aging qualities so you can’t beat that.

I go through phases where I will only use my hands to apply my cleanser. I do find that this cleanser works just as good when I do that. However, sometimes I do want a deeper cleanse. So I will also go through phases using my Clarisonic Mia 2. I love my clarisonic! Even though I don’t use it all the time I do find that it works great, and I definitely think it is worth the money.

Step Three:

Next I go in with my toner. My favorite toner to use is the Murad hydrating toner ($28 US). The first reason I love this toner is that it comes in a spray bottle. It is super easy and convenient to apply. Quickly spraying it on your face is beyond refreshing right after cleansing. It has a light scent of peach and cucumber that is refreshing and calming on the skin. As soon as you spray it you feel it hydrate and calm your skin. I have noticed with continued use this has helped balance my skin preventing me from becoming too oily or too dry.

Step Four:

My fourth step is for under my eyes. I personally get intensely dark circles under my eyes even when I am well rested. Therefore, it is always important for me to apply something to help take away the intensity. For the longest time I have been using the Laser Free Resurfacing Eye Serum from Peter Thomas Roth ($58 US). Over time this has helped reduce the intensity of my dark circles and my puffiness under my eyes. It also fights against fine lines and wrinkles. I honestly see a difference with this product, and I will continue to use it.

Step Five:

The next step is another Peter Thomas Roth product. I can’t help it! This brand is pricey, but the quality is amazing. I honestly get great results from this brand, and none of them break me out. My next step is applying the Professional 3% Retinoid Plus ($82 US). This serum is very lightweight. It glides on the skin so smoothly. The purpose of applying retinoid to the skin is it will fight against aging as well as even out your skin tone. I have noticed since I started using this that my skin texture overall has smoothed out a lot. A little of this product goes a long way, and I do notice a difference in my skin by using it.

Step Six:

The next to last step is to moisturize. Even if you have oily skin you should always moisturize your skin! When you properly moisturize your skin it will actually help balance your oil. If you skip moisturizer it can actually cause your skin to produce excess oil. The key is to find a moisturizer that is made for oily skin so that it hydrates your skin without making you greasy. My personal favorite is the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Gel ($26 US). Clinique also makes a cream version for all my dry skin girls. I absolutely love this moisturizer! It hydrates my skin perfectly without adding too much hydration. It is the perfect balance. My skin feels soft, hydrated, and I have noticed my pores get smaller from using this moisturizer.

Step Seven:

My last step is to hydrate my lips. Every night I apply my Bite Beauty Agave lip mask ($26 US). This step is important to me because my lips usually get dry at night. Another plus to hydrating your lips really well is the next day they will appear plumper. As a person who loves liquid lipsticks I always moisturize my lips at night to get the best look out of my liquid lipstick application. So this step is a must for me!

That is the end to my skin care routine for night-time. I hope this is helpful to some of you. Skin care is very personal so don’t get discouraged if it takes awhile to find the right products. I have went through many different products before finding a routine I truly love. Even if it takes awhile dedicate yourself to a skin care routine. It is very important for the health of your skin, and I guarantee it will improve the way your makeup applies.

Have a good evening everyone, and as always thank you so much for reading!

~ Kayle Jo ❤


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