November Love it or Leave it!

Good Evening Beauties!

This month has honestly not been much of a makeup month for me. It has been quite stressful throughout this month, and most days I was rocking minimal makeup. I have so many new things to try out, but I only got to truly test a few of them.

This months love it or leave it is a shorter one, but I decided to still post it. Hopefully next month I will test out more products so that I will have more to include.

Love it!

My top favorite this month hands down has been this eye liner! I got it as a sample in a kit during the VIB sale and I have not put it down since then. My eyes get irritated very easily, and they will often get watery throughout the day. It is almost impossible to get a liner to stay in my water line. However, when this liner claims to be smudge proof and waterproof it is not lying! I can apply it to my water line, and it does not move for the entire day. I have worn this for 15 hours straight, and it looks flawless at the end of the night. I will certainly be purchasing a full size of this. It is my new holy grail product for sure.

I got this mascara in a deluxe sample by cashing in some of my points at Sephora. I didn’t have high hopes because honestly I’ve never been completely amazed by a mascara. I have loved many, but never really found one I would call holy grail until I tried this one. As soon as I went in with this mascara I was in LOVE! My lashes look gorgeous after using it. It gives me so much volume, and darkens my lashes perfectly. I honestly don’t even feel the need to wear false lashes when I put it on because it makes me love my natural lashes. I have used this nonstop this month. If you like voluminous lashes then it is definitely worth a try!

As soon as I swatched this eye shadow I was in love with it. I usually don’t gravitate towards metallic shadows, but this one is so gorgeous. One swipe and you get instant intensity. This specific shade is gorgeous for day-to-day wear. I have been wearing it to add a little something to my simple quick makeup routine. If you haven’t tried one of these shadows then go to a store and swatch it! Trust me, they are worth the price.

Typically I am a matte lipstick girl. Rarely do I ever want to wear a gloss. However, this month with the weather changing a lot my lips have been extra dry. I have been trying to stay away from my matte lipsticks to get as much hydration in my lips as possible. My go to gloss is always a butter gloss from Nyx. They are affordable, creamy, and simply amazing. When your lips are dry they feel extra luxurious on the lips. The shade I am currently obsessed with is Tiramisu. It is such a perfect shade to enhance your natural lips, and it works great as a topper for your lipstick. It is pigmented but not too pigmented. Definitely one of the best glosses on the market.

Leave it!

My only leave it this month is the Ulta brow pomade. I have tried so hard to love this product, but I just can’t. I don’t like the way it makes my brows look, and it fades off in spots throughout the day. Any place I use it to over draw my brow it will start to fade. Then I notice that my brows don’t match because some parts have faded while others did not. I have been trying this product out for a couple of months now, and I finally give up on it. It is definitely not a product that works for me.


Thank you so much for reading! Have a great evening, and I will be back Friday!

~ Kayle Jo ❤


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