Christmas Tag!

Good Evening Everyone!

Early this morning I got a hot cup of tea, and started reading through some blogs that I follow. Along the way I found a few different blogmas posts, and I got inspired to bring some Christmas spirit onto my blog. I am not taking part in blogmas as a whole this year, but I did see a Christmas tag that I wanted to do. So to get everyone in the Christmas spirit let’s answer some Christmas questions!

The Christmas Tag!

1. What is your favorite Christmas movie/s?

Christmas movies and cartoons are my absolute favorite! Every year I look forward to watching as many of them as I can. My mom and I always watch the Hallmark channel that is full of nonstop Christmas movies this time of year. Some of my favorite movies around this time are How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the Home Alone series! It just doesn’t feel like Christmas without watching these.

2. Do you open presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning?

When I was little we were always allowed to open a few things on Christmas Eve, and then on Christmas morning we opened everything from Santa. As I got older we started opening everything on Christmas Eve night. That is now our tradition. Every Christmas Eve night we open all the presents, and on Christmas Day we spend time together and have dinner.

3. Do you have a favorite Christmas memory?

My favorite memory is all the time I got to spend with family. To me that is the most important part of Christmas. From decorating together to cooking together I have many memories with my family. I can’t narrow it down to just one memory. All the times I spent with family are all favorite memories.

4. What is your favorite festive food?

Gingerbread cookies hands down! No Christmas is complete without a batch of homemade gingerbread cookies. The only time I ever eat these is around Christmas time. The taste and the smell just says Christmas to me. Plus I love to decorate them! Having gingerbread cookies is a must for me every year.

5. What is your favorite gift?

When I was little my favorite gift was a doll that my grandmother bought for me. I carried that doll everywhere! As I grew up I can’t say I had one single favorite gift. Every gift was always special, and I was always thankful. The biggest gift of all is getting to spend time with the people who matter the most to me.

6. What is your favorite Christmas scent?

It’s a tie between gingerbread and cinnamon. Those two scents are my favorite around Christmas time. Anytime I smell one of those it immediately brings back a lot of Christmas memories. Cinnamon and gingerbread really get me in the Christmas spirit.

7. Do you have any Christmas Eve tradition?

Every year during the day my parents and I have to work. However, on Christmas Eve night it is tradition to open our presents.

8. What tops your tree?

Every year for as long as I can remember the same angel has topped our tree. The angel is very old because it has been passed down through the years in my father’s family. No matter how I decorate my tree it is a must for that angel to be on the top every year. It is the most meaningful piece of our Christmas tree.

9. As a kid what was one extravagant gift you asked for but never received?

I honestly don’t remember asking for anything over the top. I asked my mom if she could remember anything, and she said I always said I wanted whatever Santa could bring me. I know I asks for lots of toys, but I don’t think it was ever something extravagant or crazy.

10. What is the best part of Christmas for you?

My favorite thing to do every Christmas is to decorate the tree. That has always been my favorite thing to do. However, the best part of Christmas is getting to spend time with the people who matter most to me. It’s not presents, decorations, food, etc. that make Christmas special. It is the people that you spend it with that makes it special. Getting to surround myself with people that I hold dear to my heart is the best part of Christmas for me.

Thank you for reading through the Christmas tag! If you have done a Christmas tag comment below so that I can check it out. I love reading about how other people spend Christmas. If you haven’t done a Christmas tag then I tag you!

My tree this year!

~ Kayle Jo ❤




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