Foundation Review

Good Evening Beauties!

The past few weeks I have been trying out a new foundation. This foundation has been out for a long time, but this was my first time testing it out. Today I am going to give an overview of the product, share the different ways I tried it out, and let you know my final thoughts on the product. I hope you all enjoy!


Revlon Colorstay

Product Information:

  • Retails for around $12.99 US
  • Has an amazing shade range of 35
  • Includes a version for combination/oily skin and one for dry skin
  • Includes an SPF of 15
  • SoftFlex technology prevents foundation from rubbing off
  • Oil free formula
  • Controls excess oil
  • 1.0 fluid ounces of product per bottle
  • 24 hour wear
  • Medium coverage

How I tested it out!

I tested this foundation out for a couple weeks to really give it a good chance before deciding if it was good or bad. I tested out applying it with three different tools including a beauty blender, the Morphe E6, and the Morphe M439. As you can tell by the picture my favorite tool to apply it with is the Morphe M439. I found that this brush kept it from getting caked up while keeping the coverage. My usual go to foundation brush is the Morphe E6 which is a flat top style brush. However, with this foundation I found that the E6 made the foundation look really cakey and heavy. The beauty blender wasn’t a bad option, but I felt like it took away too much coverage. I tried all these tools multiple times, and I got the best application with the Morphe M439.

I first tried this foundation with my favorite primer the Hourglass Mineral Veil primer. It applied good on top of this primer, but it sunk into my pores. I tried it a few different times with the hourglass primer and I hated how badly it emphasized my pores. I then used my Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Foundation Primer Pore Minimizing. This primer is my go to pore hiding formula. If I use this primer then my pores are not emphasized nearly as much. My pores do show more than usual with this foundation, but the Smashbox primer helps a lot.

For the past week I have been really sick. I caught a bad sinus infection which lead to me constantly having to rub my nose with tissues. I figured that my makeup on my nose would for sure rub off, but I was pleasantly surprised. I can’t say this foundation lasts for the claimed 24 hours, but it definitely is long wearing. I kept this foundation on for a solid 12 hours, and it still looked flawless at the end of the day. It didn’t rub off, didn’t break up, and it kept me matte! By the end of the day I had a natural glow to my skin, but nothing excessive.

I am the type of person that always sets my foundation with powder. First I set this one with my Laura Mercier translucent loose setting powder. This powder always keeps me matte, and it gives me a smooth finish. With this foundation it was just the same. It worked really well with this powder. I then tried the Nyx HD translucent setting powder which I like, but it usually lets me get oily throughout the day. If I use this powder I typically have to blot throughout the day, but with this foundation it held up fine. This told me that the foundation is what was controlling the oil not the powder.

My Final Thoughts!

My final conclusion is that this isn’t the best foundation I have ever tried, but it is still a decent one. I will continue to use this because I can make it work, and it is very affordable. It is amazing that they have a wide range of shades so that everyone can find a shade that works. It keeps me matte and it lasts all day long. It also has great coverage! I can get a high medium coverage when I use the Morphe M439. If you want a matte foundation with good coverage that won’t break the bank I recommend you to try this one out!

Have you tried this foundation? If so, what are your thoughts on it?

Thank you so much for reading! I will be back on Monday with a new post so I want to Wish you all a Merry Christmas! Enjoy the holiday weekend, and remember spending time with loved ones is the most important part! Stay Safe everyone.

~Kayle Jo ❤

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