My Most Used Products 2016!

Hello Beauties!

I hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! As New Years is approaching be sure to continue to be safe in your celebrations.

I thought about doing a post on all my favorite products for 2016, but I decided on something that would be a little more challenging for me. I decided to list my most used product of 2016 in each category! Now I am always testing out new products, and falling in love with a lot of them. However, there are some products that I repeatedly used the most. Today I am going to let you know what those products are along with telling you whether or not I still use them. Let’s get started!


The Smashbox Photo Finish Oil Free Pore Minimizing primer was the primer I used the most throughout 2016. I have large pores throughout my T-zone, and this primer fills them in perfectly. I tried a few different primers that claimed to be pore minimizing, but this is the only one I saw a difference with. When I use this primer my pores nearly vanish! I still use this product a lot, and I will continue to repurchase it!


The Neutrogena Healthy Skin foundation was definitely used a lot by me throughout 2016! I went through a couple of bottles of this foundation, and I truly loved it! This foundation gives you light coverage with a healthy natural look. When you apply this foundation it is literally like applying a second skin! It is beautiful on the skin, and you can barely feel that you’re wearing it. I only wear this foundation when my skin is at its best. Since it has light coverage it won’t hide imperfections. I haven’t used it in a while, but when my skin is clear I will certainly repurchase it.


The Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage concealer is my all time favorite! I have went through at least three tubes of this concealer! So it is no shock that this was my most used concealer of 2016. It gives me great coverage while still being hydrating. I will definitely continue to repurchase this product.

Setting Powder

The Coty Airspun loose setting powder in the shade honey beige was my top setting powder of 2016. This powder kept me matte all day long while giving me an airbrushed look. I honestly would compare this powder to the Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. It gives the same effect, and it is way cheaper! Plus you get a lot of product that will last you a long time. A little powder goes a long way. I will continue to use to this powder from time to time, but I am currently trying out some others.


The Physicians Formula Bronze Booster in the shade light to medium was my most used bronzer in 2016. The thing I love about this product is it isn’t too orange. Bronzers can easily show up orange on my skin, but this one is warm without being orange. It also isn’t too intense! It takes a lot to be heavy handed with this one. This bronzer is perfect for someone just starting out with makeup because it applies lightly. I still reach for this when I want to warm up my makeup look. I recommend this one for anyone who want a bronzer that isn’t too intense.


The blush I reach for the most in 2016 was the Ulta Collection mineral blush in the shade Sweet Pea. It gives a natural pink flush to the cheeks, and I couldn’t stop using it throughout the year. These blushes are not intense and they don’t last the longest. However, on days when I want a no makeup type of makeup look it gives the perfect natural flush to the apples of your cheeks. I will continue to use this blush when I am going for a more natural makeup look.


The most used brow product of 2016 was the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow wiz! I have never used a brow product as much as I used this one. I have recently started trying a lot of new products for my brows, but the brow wiz will always hold a special place in my collection. I will definitely always have one in my collection even while I am trying other products. It makes my brows look great, and it applies easily.


My most used eye shadows in 2016 was my Z palette full of MAC eye shadows. Out of all the single eye shadows and palettes that I own I definitely used my MAC ones the most. MAC shadows are pigmented, buttery, blend easily, and affordable. I won’t go through every shade I have since I have so many. If you would be interested that could be a post all on its own. MAC shadows are some of my favorites! I used these a lot, and I will continue to do so. My Z Palette is filled with my most favorite shades.


I have tried a lot of different eye liners throughout the year, and have recently found a new favorite. However, the one that I used the most in 2016 was the Ardency Inn Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged eyeliner in black. This eyeliner is as black as night, and it glides on super creamy! It is a great eyeliner and I will still get use out of it. The only reason I have switched is this one doesn’t last long on my waterline. If you are someone who doesn’t have watery eyes then this one would work great for you. I still think this is a great product, but I prefer something water proof now.


I have tested out a lot of different mascaras in 2016. The one I always used the most, however, was the L’Oreal voluminous carbon black mascara. This mascara makes my lashes black as coal, and adds a lot of volume to them as well. I have found other mascaras that I like more, but I still own this mascara. I will continue to use it because it is good and affordable.


Lip Liner

The Nyx Cosmetics Slim Lip Pencil in the shade pale pink was definitely my most used lip liner of 2016! I am obsessed with this liner. I use it all the time both under lipstick, and on its own. It is the perfect pale pink on my skin tone. I will definitely continue to use it because none of my other lip liners compare to it.


Let’s face it lipstick was my hardest category! I love lipsticks. They are honestly my most favorite makeup products, and I am always trying out new ones. When I think about it though the most used lipstick in 2016 was ColourPop Cosmetics ultra matte liquid lipstick in the shade Midi. The website describes this shade as a pale pink, but it shows up a lot brighter on me. I still love this shade even though it looks different on me. I love the ColourPop lipsticks, and they are affordable! You can’t beat that at all. I will always continue to support ColourPop even while I try so many other brands.

Lip Gloss

I have never been much of a gloss girl, but there is one gloss I constantly used throughout 2016. The Buxom Full-On Lip Polish in the shade Brooke is one of my favorites! I love that these glosses are thick without being sticky, and they also have a cooling sensation. You can instantly feel the cooling effect when you apply it. If it’s cold outside it isn’t the best time to use this one because your lips will feel like ice. I really do love this formula, and it lasts a good amount of time on the lips. This shade in particular is one of my favorites. I will always continue to use these glosses.

Setting Spray

My go to setting spray for almost all of 2016 was the Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. I really did enjoy this setting spray. I felt like it helped to keep my oil controlled throughout the day which helped my makeup last longer. I am not currently using it as I am trying out another, but I would still recommend it. I did notice a difference in my makeup when I used it.

Well everyone that is the end of my top used products in 2016! I hope you enjoyed reading through them all. I had a lot of fun trying to narrow down all my products to the ones I used the most.

~Kayle Jo ❤

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