Lipstick Review!

Good Evening Beauty Addicts!

The day has finally come! Tonight I will be giving you my full review on the red lipstick I wore in a previous post. The liquid lipstick is a collaboration between Youtuber Thataylaa and B Hue Beauty! It is a gorgeous red shade named 1548!

I was so excited when I heard about this release! I have already wore it multiple times so I am confident enough in my opinion on it to share a review. If you’d like to here more about this limited edition product you’re in the right place just keep reading!


Product Claims

  • Long lasting
  • Non-drying moisturizing feel
  • Matte
  • High pigment
  • Water resistant
  • Infused with Vitamin E
  • This particular shade smells like Vanilla
  • Retails for $18 US

My Thoughts

I am impressed with 1548! Let’s start out with the color. I am in love with this shade of red! I think Taylor chose the most perfect red that will look good on any skin tone. I think it’s great that she considered all skin tones when working on this collaboration. Literally anyone who applies this color will look gorgeous. It is a perfect deep red, and it is honestly my favorite color red I have ever found!

Now, let us talk formula. Everything this product claims to do is true. I have found that 1548 will last on my lips all day long! I don’t feel the need to touch it up throughout the day because even after eating it looks good. It does dry down to a matte finish, but it is a comfortable matte. It does not dry out your lips like many liquid lipsticks tend to do. It is honestly one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks you will ever wear.

Taylor’s shade 1548 does have a vanilla scent to it, but don’t let that scare you. The scent is a nice vanilla scent, and it isn’t too strong. Once you apply the lipstick the scent does not linger throughout the day. If you are sensitive to scent I believe you would still be okay with 1548.

As much as I truly love this lipstick there are a couple of cons to it in my opinion. My first issue is that I definitely have to use a lip liner with it or it will start to feather out on the edges of my lips. Even with a lip liner I do notice some slight bleeding of the color. This is common with a lot of darker colors so it’s not a deal breaker for me. I also notice that it is not 100% transfer proof. I expected with the water-resistant claim that it would be transfer proof, but I do notice that I get some transfer with it. It isn’t too bad, but it definitely transfers.

Overall I do recommend this liquid lipstick! 1548 is a limited edition shade, but it is currently still available as I write this. If you like this shade then I say you better check out to get yours before they are sold out! With any purchase from Bhue Beauty you also get a sample of one of their other colors, and it is an amazing sample size. The sample will last you a long time for sure! I would recommend this brand in general. It is a long-lasting and comfortable formula.

I rate this product a 4.5 out of 5!

Wear Test

Initial Application
3 1/2 Hours of wear, and also after eating breakfast.
5 1/2 hours of wear, and after eating lunch.
13 hours of wear, and after eating dinner.

You can clearly see in these pictures that 1548 is long-lasting! At 13 hours I only had some slight fading in the center of my lips. I did not touch this product up at all throughout the day. You can truly see here how well it wears throughout the day.

That is all for this review! If you haven’t checked out 1548 or Bhue Beauty in general I strongly recommend that you do. Liquid lipsticks lovers will not be disappointed!

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my review. Be back soon.

~Kayle Jo ❤



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