First Impressions!

Good Evening Beauty Addicts!

How are all my amazing readers doing? Good I hope! I for one am having the longest week ever it seems, and it is only Tuesday. That can’t be good! 😛 I am rather exhausted as I type this up, but I am too excited to not share.

Tonight I want to share my thoughts on a few new products! Now, these are going to be first impressions because I have only tried these out once. Two of the products are new from Wet and Wild while one is from Jesse’s Girl that isn’t technically new, but it is new to me.

I thought it would be fun to share my first impression with you, and show you a wear test of how the products did throughout the day. If your interested in hearing my thoughts then just keep reading!

Wet and Wild Photo Focus Foundation

  • Comes in 20 shades (Pretty Good!)
  • Retails for $5.99 US
  • Matte Finish
  • Tested under 7 different light conditions
  • Features light adjusting complexes to prevent white cast in photos
  • Claims to be your skin, only better!

I have only used this once of course, but I can already tell you I love it! I love that they offer a lot of shades! A lot of brands, especially drug store brands, tend to release very few shades which is just not realistic. This shade range is actually pretty good. With 20 shades I’m sure you can find a shade that works or at least get away with mixing two shades. I personally picked up the shade Shell Ivory which is described as neutral fair. When it comes to foundation I am neutral, but I lean towards the cool tone side. This particular shade is honestly the closest I have ever found to a perfect match for my skin tone. It is neutral, but it definitely has a lot of pink undertones in it. I think this shade is absolute perfection on my skin!

I was amazed by how much coverage this foundation gave me! The packaging is a nice glass bottle with a wand to apply the foundation. When I first put foundation in dots on my face I put a lot on, and it was too much! A little of this foundation will go a long way! It definitely gives a beautiful full coverage satin matte finish. It didn’t come off as completely matte to me, but I actually really like the natural slight glow it gives the skin. When I first applied it I think it looked like skin, and it didn’t feel like I was wearing a full coverage foundation. I also didn’t notice any flashback in photos as you will see further down.

Throughout the day the foundation held up beautifully. It didn’t break up anywhere, didn’t get cakey, and didn’t emphasize any pores or fine lines. It also didn’t cling to any dry patches that I had which is great. I honestly think this foundation is great for any skin type. I will continue to use this foundation to keep testing it out, but right now I am loving it. In my humble opinion Wet and Wild just dropped in and killed the foundation game. I would say this is better quality than many high-end products. It just goes to show that price and quality do not have anything to do with one another. Never let the price of makeup sway you. This only costs $5.99, and I would pay high-end price for it.

So far I rate this 5/5

Wet and Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder

  • Retails for $4.99 US (At my Riteaid it was buy one get one half off for all Wet and Wild products so I only paid $2.49 US)
  • Comes in 8 shades (I got neutral beige 823C)
  • Also tested under 7 lighting conditions
  • Sets makeup with a satin finish
  • Reduces shine throughout the day
  • Light diffusing pigments give your skin a veil of silky natural looking perfection in photos

I wanted to love this, but unfortunately I hate it. 😦 It isn’t a bad powder though. So let me explain why I don’t care for it much. When I put it on I packed quite a lot on, but my face still felt tacky. I had trouble blending out my other products because it felt like I hadn’t set my foundation. For that reason I already was on the fence about it. Then throughout the day it did not control my shine. I have combination skin, and I tend to get oily in my t-zone. Half way through the day I had to use blotting papers because I was so oily. That being said it does claim to give you a satin finish. Therefore, it’s not a bad powder it just doesn’t work for my skin. If you have normal to dry skin I think you would really like this powder. I personally won’t use it, but I will pass it on to a friend who will get use out of it.

For me this is a 1/5 rank.

Jesse’s Girl matte Finish Lip Color


  • Retails for $3.99
  • Comes in 5 shades (Poor amount)
  • Velvety smooth
  • Quick drying
  • Long-lasting
  • Transfer-proof
  • Matte finish
  • The shade pictured is Angelic

I was pleasantly surprised by this product! I figured it being this cheap it was worth a shot, but I never expected it to be a hidden gem! This formula is thin in consistency similar to the Kat Von D ones. It is definitely fast drying! This isn’t one of the most comfortable liquid lipsticks in the world, but it isn’t the worst. Within seconds of applying it will dry down to a matte finish, and it does not transfer! I was so excited to see that it did dry to a beautiful matte finish, and even more excited that it didn’t transfer! The only downside to this product is it isn’t quite as long-lasting as I would like it to be. It looked great up until the 5 hour mark, and then it really started to fade. After I ate my lunch it was almost gone, and I had to re-apply it. However, 5 hours is a good amount of time for day-to-day wear. I will honestly continue to use it.

Right now I rank this one a 3.5/5

Wear Test

Initial Application and in artificial light.
6 hours later and in natural light.

Thank you so much for reading my thoughts on these products! I appreciate you taking time to read it, and if you made it to the end you deserve a cookie! 😛 I know this was a long one!

Have you tried any of these products? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

~Kayle Jo ❤

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