January Boxycharm Unboxing!!

Good Morning Beauties!

I am super excited to start sharing my monthly Boxy Charm unboxings with all of you!


Boxy Charm is a monthly subscription box that costs you $21 a month. They also have offers on their website https://boxycharm.com/ that allow you to save money by signing up for a certain amount of months at one time.

Each month you will receive a box that has 5 full size beauty related products. These products will always total to be worth $100 or more! I think it is an amazing deal to pay only $21 for full size products that will be worth at least $100. It is a great way to try out new products without paying full price for them all. There are also different variations of each months box so not everyone will necessarily get the same thing.

Today I am going to share what I received in my box this month!


Each month the box will come with a different theme. This months theme is, And the Charm Award Goes To…

A great plus to this box, as you can see in the picture above, is that everything comes well packaged in bubble wrap! Great packaging helps to guarantee you won’t receive broken products!

The Products in my Box!

The first product I pulled from my box is this highlighter double from Vintage! The packaging on this product is absolutely stunning, and the product inside is too! You get two highlighters in this palette, and the pan size is huge! These highlighters will definitely last you a long time. The first shade is Rose Quartz and the second is Chocolate Diamond. These powders feel smooth and buttery when you swatch them, and they both have great pigmentation. I will definitely use Rose Quartz as a face highlight, but Chocolate Diamond is slightly too dark for my pale skin. However, these will both make gorgeous eye shadows as well! You could also apply these over blush as a topper for a gorgeous glow! I love that this product is versatile, and I can’t wait to use it! The description card does list this as a limited edition set so I am glad I have it to try out!

This is a full size product and it retails for $35! One single product is already worth more than what you pay for the box!

The next product I pulled out is this Mineral Glow Bronzer from PUR cosmetics. This is a gorgeous bronzer with just a hint of shimmer in it. It will be gorgeous to add a sunkissed golden glow to the skin all year round. I have not tried this on my face yet, but on my arm it does look like it will be too golden for my skin. The product does claim to never look orange, but on my pale skin I do fear it will look orange on me. However, I will definitely give it a try! If it doesn’t work I will pass it on to a friend that will get use out of it. It swatches beautifully, and it feels buttery to the touch. It does feel like top quality product!

This product is full size, and it retails for $25! Once again, one product already worth more than you pay for the box!


The box also included this coupon! If you are a fan of PUR cosmetics then within the next 9 days use the code BOXY25 to get 25% off your purchase from http://www.purcosmetics.com/

The next product I saw in my box is this GLOW For A Cause body butter! I was super excited to see that I got a body butter because I use them all the time. I have a few different ones, and they all get used a lot! I applied a little of this as soon as I opened it, and it felt amazing on my skin! It is super thick, but it sinks into the skin beautifully. It left my skin hydrated and glowing. I also love the scent of this body butter. The description card describes the scent as light florals, white tea, and bergamot grounded by light musks. The scent is fresh and not to overpowering. It does linger on the skin, but in a subtle way. It also includes coconut oil, jojoba oil, sunflower oil, and vitamin E. This body butter is going to be great for hydration and protecting the skin. I will definitely be grabbing this to use a lot!

This is a full size product, and it retails for $14.

My next product is from the brand Adesse. This is their matte top coat that mattifies any nail polish! You can apply any nail polish in your collection to your nails then add this top coat to give it a smooth matte finish. I love matte top coats for nails! I don’t paint my finger nails because I get those done with acrylics, but I do paint my toe nails. I love the look of matte finish nails. It is sleek, sophisticated, and different from the typical shine. I will be using this later today, and I can’t wait!

This product is full size, and it retails for $18.


The last product in my box is this fan brush from So Susan. It is great to get a fan brush because I didn’t have one in my brush collection. I have honestly never used fan brushes much, but I am excited to give this one a try! It feels soft, and it is the perfect size. I think it will apply highlighter beautifully on the tops of cheek bones. It is also just slim enough to fit perfectly down the bridge of my nose to highlight there as well. I can’t wait to try it out!

This brush is full size, and it retails for $18.95

That is all the products I received this month! All five full size products add up to the total of $110.95!! Wow! I only spent $21 and received a box worth $110.95! That is an amazing deal!I highly recommend checking out Boxy Charm!! It is definitely worth your money.

If you’re not a charmer yet sign up with Boxy Charm today with my referral link: https://boxycharm.com/refer/Kayle-JJLZSAMU

Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Are you already a charmer? Comment below to let me know what you received this month!

~Kayle Jo ❤


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