January Love it or Leave it!

Hello my beauty addicts!

The time has come for another monthly love it or leave it! I can’t believe January is already ending. This month has passed right by way faster than I thought it would.

For anyone new to my blog monthly love it or leave it is all about my most favorite products of the month, and I also talk about the products that just didn’t work out for me.

If your interested in hearing what products I like and dislike you’re in the right place just keep on reading!

Love It!!


Wet n Wild Photo Finish Foundation

I know I just recently mentioned my first thoughts on this foundation in a recent post, but I have to mention it again! If you missed that post check it out here First Impressions. When I first tried this foundation I was super impressed with the quality of it. I haven’t stopped using it since I bought it. It has quickly become a foundation must have for me. It gives amazing coverage, leaves a soft matte finish, and it lasts all day long! As if that’s not enough to draw you in then the price definitely will! It only retails for $6 US! It is certainly an affordable foundation, but it is highly comparable to high-end products! If you haven’t picked this up yet then stop reading and go buy it! Seriously, the hype is real on this product. I highly recommend it to all skin types.


Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush Shade Exposed

This is one of my all time favorite blush formulas and colors. Tarte’s blushes last an amazing amount of time on the cheeks. When I wear this I know I will have that beautiful flush of color all day long. This month I have been wearing the shade Exposed almost every day. It is the perfect pink-nude shade. I love that this color looks like a natural flush of the cheeks, and it matches any eye look. It pairs well with any makeup look that I do because it looks subtle and natural. I highly recommend the Tarte blushes! They are pricey, but they are great quality. Plus it definitely lasts you a long time so you get plenty for your money. This is the perfect every day blush!


Wet n Wild Mega glow Highlighting Powder Shade Precious Petals

I purchased this highlight the first time that Wet n Wild released it, and I am so glad I did! It is a gorgeous highlight! Once again you would never guess how affordable this product is due to the high quality. It is better than a lot of high-end highlighters in my opinion. It can give you a subtle glow if you apply it with a light hand or if you are more heavy-handed it can give you that intense beaming highlight effect. This highlight was released as a limited edition product, but I have recently heard that Wet n Wild has released it again! I’m not sure if it is now permanent or still limited edition. It is definitely worth purchasing!


Vintage Highlight Duo Shade Rose Quartz

I received this highlight duo in my January Boxy Charm box! View my unboxing here January Boxycharm Unboxing!!. I have not put this highlight down since the first day I tried it. It is a gorgeous subtle highlight! I love the natural glow that it gives my skin. Nothing super intense which I honestly prefer. I am so happy I received this as a part of my Boxy Charm! I will admit I am not a fan of the ingredient deck on this product. I would prefer it to be made with better ingredients, but it is a gorgeous highlight. If you have any issues with talc in products then I would stay away from this one. However, if you can look past it including talc then I recommend trying it out!


Lorac Pro Palette 2

All month the only eye shadows I have used are from the Lorac Pro Palette 2! I wanted this palette for so long, but I only recently purchased it. I will say that after using it all month the shadows don’t blend as well as others that I own. However, that being said you can still work with them to get a beautiful look. One of my favorite shades I have used so far is Plum. It is such a gorgeous shade of purple. I love the versatility of this palette. You can create a natural day look or a night-time smoky eye. The packaging is sleek and thin. It would definitely be the perfect palette for travel. I would not recommend this to a person just starting out in makeup because the shadows are difficult to work with. However, if you are more experienced with makeup then I recommend it for sure! You can create so many different looks with this palette, and I don’t mind a little extra blending.


Adesse Matte Top Coat

This is another product I received in my January Boxy Charm. I used it right after receiving it to make one of my favorite nail polishes matte. It worked perfectly! I applied it as a top coat on my toe nails, and they still look matte today! It has definitely held up really well, and I have not had to reapply it at all! I also like that this top coat has natural ingredients that are supposed to be healthier for your nails. I definitely would recommend this to anyone that wants to turn all their favorite nail polishes matte!


Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque

This mask has been an absolute life saver for my hair! I have never used a hair mask that helped my hair as much as this one! I purchased this smaller size to try it out, and now it is empty. I definitely need to go purchase the larger tub of this because my hair has been so much healthier since I started using this. It hydrates my hair, and it also has helped clear up a lot of the damage that has been caused by dying my hair. If you have dry and damaged hair then you need to give this mask a try! Trust me, it will make your hair look soft and healthy in no time.


Essential Oils

My last favorite for the month has nothing to do with makeup, but I have used them so much that I wanted to mention them. Essential oils have become very helpful to me. I originally purchased them for making bath scrubs, but then I found another helpful way to use them. I have been combining the spearmint and chamomile ones into the water in my Vics Vaporizer at night. The scent of them helps to relax me which helps me sleep better! These especially help on the nights that my anxiety is getting the best of me. They really work to relax me. These are great to help with relaxation, and they aren’t too expensive to try out.

Leave It!!


Wet n Wild Photo Focus Pressed Powder

I wanted to love this powder so much, but unfortunately I do not like it at all. That being said I am not saying this product is bad, but I am saying it didn’t work for me. This powder reminds me a lot of Mac’s mineralized skin finish. It leaves your skin with a satin finish which is exactly what the product promises to do. If you have normal to dry skin I think this powder would work great for you. It is very smooth, and it looks beautiful on the skin. I loved it when I first applied it, but a few hours later I was wanting my matte powders. I have combination skin, and I get oily in my T-zone throughout the day. I prefer powders that mattify the skin, and keep my oil controlled. This powder just let too much oil through for me. However, I do still recommend to those with drier skin.


Tarte Shape Tape

There is so much hype surrounding this product that I am almost afraid to say I don’t like it. 😛 I wanted to love this product. I honestly tried it over and over again hoping to change my opinion. However, at this point I have to say it doesn’t work for me. No matter how little I applied it looked heavy and cakey on me. It is highly pigmented, full coverage, and it blends out nice. However, it just looks so heavy under my eyes. I feel like even a small dot of this is too much for me. So many people love this concealer, and I have seen it look good on other people. I just find myself never reaching for this product because I don’t like the way it looks on me personally.


So Susan Fan Brush

This is another product from my January Boxy Charm, and so far it is the only one that I don’t like. I thought it was going to be a great brush for highlighting my face, but I found that it didn’t pick up product. It is a super soft brush, but it didn’t apply the product to my face. It seems to be too soft in my opinion. I tried using it with a few different highlights, and every time it looked like I wasn’t applying anything to my face. I am definitely going to skip on using this brush, and stick to my other highlighting brushes.


Well beauties that is all for this months love it or leave. I hope you enjoyed it, and as always thank you so much for taking time to read my blog. I appreciate every person that reads my page.

Let me know in the comments what your favorites were for the month!

~Kayle Jo ❤

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