Iridescent Pearl Highlighter

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The other day I was walking through Walmart, and of course the makeup section drew me in like a magnet to metal.

As I looked through the newly added items a particular highlight caught my attention. I have been on the hunt for new affordable highlighters. So when I saw this one that not only looked pretty in the pan, but that also promised to work on all skin tones I couldn’t pass it up! I firmly believe makeup needs to be made to fit every skin tone out there, and typically that means you must have different shades. However, this highlight is only one shade, so obviously, I was intrigued!

If you’re interested in hearing more about this highlight, and my thoughts on it you’re in the right place just keep reading!

Hard Candy

Iridescent Pearl Highlighter

Product Information:

  • Retails for $6 US
  • Iridescent effect on skin
  • Flatters all skin tones
  • Not tested on animals

My Thoughts

I was initially intrigued by this highlighter, but unfortunately I was undoubtedly disappointed. I do love Hard Candy as a brand! They are affordable, and the quality is good. That being said, this particular product is genuinely not for me. However, the product does do as it claims, and it could be great for some of you. So, let’s get into all the details.


The packaging on this product is beautiful! It is in a plastic case which is typical for drug store products. The lid, however, shouts highlighter to me! The lid is covered by geometric lines that reflect a prismatic color when shifted in the light. It also feels like sturdy packaging that would hold up even through travel. I honestly give them an A+ on the packaging because the packaging is what caught my attention when I first saw it.

Formula and Color

Once I actually read about the product, the phrase “flatters all skin tones” really sealed the deal for me. Anything that promises to work for multiple skin tones peaks my interest. Drug store brands, sadly, rarely cater to all skin tones. I am beyond happy to see that they are branching out to flatter us pale beauties along with all my gorgeous chocolate girls too. In my opinion, every brand of makeup needs to have products offered for every skin tone out there. So shout out to Hard Candy for considering ALL skin tones.


As you can see, when you first swipe the product it comes off looking solid white and powdery. It basically looks like chalk when you first touch it, but it feels creamy and soft. The texture of the power is buttery smooth. At first look I was thinking there is no way this will work for darker skin. However, it does blend out without any white left over. The white pigment you see here completely fades. Therefore, it will definitely work for any skin tone! That is the best part of this product!


I did a super zoomed in shot of the product blended out so you can see that the white pigment fades away as you blend. This picture still doesn’t depict the product in the way I wished it would. Once you blend out the product the white pigment is gone, and you are left with sheer glitter that reflects pearl like colors. The fact that it turns to sheer glitter with pearl reflects is why it will flatter all skin tones. Unfortunately, it is also the reason this product will not work for me.

I hate glitter! I know I’m a girl, and yes you did read that correctly! 😛 I honestly don’t like glitter anywhere! I don’t want glitter in my highlight, blush, eye shadow, etc. It is simply not for me. Don’t get me wrong, glitter looks gorgeous on so many people. I love watching glittery makeup tutorials, but I just don’t like that look on me personally. It seems to me that glitter sticks to me, and then refuses to come back off for days. I battle with enough glitter at work, and I’d rather keep it away from my face at all costs.

That being said, this product is not bad. It does exactly what it claims to do. Silly me just didn’t think through the fact that it was going to be glittery. I mean, the packaging even says the word shimmer which typically means glitter. It was an unplanned purchased product from a moment of excitement. I personally won’t use it, but I will certainly donate it to someone who will love it.

If you are a person that likes glitter then I recommend you check it out. It is an affordable product that does exactly what it claims to do. You can’t beat that! However, if you too hate glitter then it is not going to be your cup of tea. Still, the quality is great!

I found this product in my local Walmart, but sadly it isn’t showing on the website to link to it. Check any place that sells Hard Candy, and you should be able to find it. The packaging says new, but since I can’t find it online I’m curious about how new it really is.


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