Day Time Casual

Hello My Wonderful Beauties!

How’s everyone doing?!? It has been a hot minute since I have got to pop on here to post new content. It has been an exhausting week so I definitely took a break.

Today I am back with a casual makeup look. This look is perfect for someone who doesn’t want to go full glam, but wants more than a no makeup-makeup look. It is very simple to do, and it is great for when you need to look put together quickly.

If you’d like to see this look just keep on scrolling beauties!



To start off this look I primed my face using the Becca Evermatte Poreless Primer. This primer has a very sticky almost glue like texture. It does, however, mattify my skin really well. I don’t notice a change in my pores, but I like how well it keeps me matte.

Next, I went in with the PÜR Cosmetics Bare It All Foundation. I can’t stop using this foundation. It is absolute perfection! For my full thoughts check out my review here Bare It All

Then I combined a small amount of my Tarte shape tape concealer in Fair Neutral with my Maybelline Fit Me concealer in the shade Fair just under my eyes. The Maybelline one is significantly darker than the Tarte one. It was perfect to add coverage under my eyes without adding a bright highlight. I didn’t want that super bright effect today.

To set my whole face today I went in with my Makeup Forever Duo Mat Powder FoundationI used a large fluffy brush with this so that it wouldn’t add more coverage. This powder is smooth and it does help mattify the face. I like the way it looks as a setting powder, and it’s nice on its own as well.

Next, I used the PÜR Cosmetics Mineral Glow Bronzer to warm up my face a bit. I didn’t want to contour, but I needed a little something. This bronzer is subtle, and precisely what I was looking for in this look.

Last but not least I used a new blush! I just recently purchased the Laura Geller baked blush-n-brighten in the shade Tropical Hues! It is a gorgeous swirl of coral, pink, and bronze. It brings a slight glow to the cheeks with subtle color. It is perfect when you want a very natural looking flush of the cheeks.

Brows and Eyes


For my brows I used my Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder duo in Dark Brown, and the clear brow gel. This has been my favorite way to do my brows lately! (Really HATE doing brows though lol)

For the eyeshadow I did use a limited edition palette. I used the Manny MUA X Makeup Geek eyeshadow palette. However, if you don’t own this palette don’t worry I got you covered! Some of the shades in the palette are already a permanent part of the Makeup Geek collection, and I found dupes for the shades that were created by Manny.


For my transition shade I used Beaches N Cream which is the second shade in the first row of the palette. This color is just slightly darker than my skin tone which makes it work perfectly as a shade to blend everything into. I placed this just above my crease. This shade is a permanent part of the Makeup Geek collection.

Crease 1

Next, I took the shade Sora which is the second shade in the second row. This was my first crease shade. I lightly dusted this into my crease using a small natural hair blending blush. Sora was created by Manny, but you could also substitute it with Creme Brulee or Bake Sale from Makeup Geek.

Crease 2

For my second crease shade I used Frappe which is a part of the Makeup Geek permanent collection. It is the third shade in the second row of the palette. As you can tell it is just slightly darker than Sora. The point here is to build the crease up slowly to get a more blended look.

Outer Corner

Next, I wanted to deepen up the outer corners of my eyes. To do this I used Aphrodite the last shade of the last row. I applied this to the outer V of my eye, and slightly into my crease. I just wanted to add some depth to the look. Aphrodite was a Manny shade as well, but you could substitute it with Bitten or Cherry Cola from Makeup Geek.

Lid shade

For the all over lid shade I used Cosmopolitan which is the first shade in the second row. This shade is a part of the permanent Makeup Geek Collection. I love the peachy-pink sheen this gives the eyes. As you can tell I am starting to feel spring looks!

Inner Corner and Brow Bone Highlight

To highlight the brow bone and inner corner I used the first shade in the palette, Luna. I love this shade! It is very intense though so I went in with a light hand. If you don’t have this palette you could substitute this shade with Ice Queen or Shimma Shimma from Makeup Geek. Neither are an exact dupe, but they are similar.

Bottom Lash Line, Mascara, and Liner

For my bottom lash line I basically did the same steps. I used crease shades one and two all along the bottom lash line. Then I took Aphrodite just on the outer part of the lash line. I wanted the lower lash line to mock the crease.

Then I took the Sephora Collection waterproof eye contour pencil in the shade Tiramisu to tight line as well as line my water line. This is a gorgeous shade of brown with a hint of warmth to it. I didn’t want the harshness of black, but I wanted a deep color. This brown was perfect! Plus, it lasts all day with no fading!

Then for mascara I used my holy grail the Stila huge lash extreme. I love how my lashes look with mascara!

*Sidenote: Use any shadows with a similar tone as dupes. I gave examples from Makeup Geek, but utilize what you have in your collection!


For my lips I went in with the Nyx lip pencil in the shade pale pink. I have ranted about this liner before because it is my favorite. On top of it I used the matte liquid lipstick from Makeup Forever in the shade 105. These last a long time on the lips, and I love the color. These are a new favorite liquid lipstick!!

To finish off the look, I used my Urban Decay De-Slick Spray to set the face. I am so glad to have this product back in my life. Nothing beats it!


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog! I hope you enjoy the look!

Be sure to add me on Facebook and Twitter to interact with me there as well. I’d love to hear from all of you, and see your casual day time looks!

~Kayle Jo ❤

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