Tips for Stress Relief

Welcome back beauties! If this is your first time here then welcome to the Distressed Beauty family! I am glad to have you join! 🙂

I really had my whole week planned out for content to be published, but life had other plans. I unfortunately found myself sick again, and it has made for a miserable week! Cheers to my horrible immune system for totally changing my plans last-minute. LOL

I am definitely still battling being sick. My voice has went MIA with no set return date. -_-  However, I am feeling better enough to get some content published, and get back on track!

Lately, I have seen a lot of blog content on stress relief. It really got me thinking of all the ways I try to reduce my stress, and my anxiety. Today, I figured I would share some of the methods that really help me reduce my stress, and keep my anxiety at a manageable place. If you’re interested in some stress relieving tips then just keep on scrolling!

Tip #1 Keep a Planner/Journal





Keeping a planner whether it be daily, weekly, or monthly will greatly reduce your stress. I learned this as I worked on my psychology degree. The mind can only pay attention to a limited number of chunks of information at a time. Therefore, when we have a lot to do we can quickly become overwhelmed with sorting it all out in our minds without forgetting something. When you take time to write down everything that has to be done then it makes it more manageable. It is easier to plan out your day so that things run smoothly if you have it all wrote down.

Of course, you don’t have to pencil in your whole life. I am all for being spontaneous. However, a planner does help sort out important things that have to be done. It will significantly reduce stress when you have a written plan.


I also like to keep a journal. This is something I have done for years. Even if you don’t write in it every day it can still be beneficial to you. When you are stressed out it can help to record your thoughts to vent in a way. Anything that is on your mind just jot it down to get it off your chest. You can also record positive moments to reflect back on later.

Tip #2 Take a Walk/Listen to Classical Music

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This is a tip that at first thought may not sound good to everyone, but I encourage all my readers to try it! I promise it is therapeutic, and it will tone down a stressful day. I have always enjoyed going for walks. Taking a walk is beneficial in more ways than one. Getting exercise already helps because it helps you to release endorphin’s which helps to reduce stress and lift your mood. Plus, getting outside and enjoying the scenery helps to calm the mind as well.

I personally love to listen to classical music while I walk. There is something about the sound of a piano and a cello together that I absolutely love! Now I know this isn’t for everyone, but it is what helps relax me the most. If you can’t get into the classical type music then just listen to whatever genre you love.

Pictured above is the Brooklyn Duo that I found on youtube. They are one of my personal favorites because they take current music, and they play it on the piano and cello with no words. It is a fun twist with classical music, and I highly recommend you check them out. Give it a chance, you may just love it.

Find their channel here:

Tip #3 Take a Hot Epsom Salt Bath


Taking some time to soak in a hot bath is already relaxing! However, I like to kick it up a notch with these Relax and Relief Epsom Salts from Dr. Teals. These have a strong Eucalyptus and Spearmint scent to them which is known to help relieve stress and calm anxiety. When you use these the whole rooms fills up with the scent, and it instantly starts to relieve stress. Plus, Epsom Salts are good for soothing sore and tired muscles. So if it’s been a long day soak for at least 30 minutes in a hot bath with these, and you will come out feeling like a whole new person. They also have a foaming bubble bath in this scent that is great to use as well.

Tip #4 Use Candles/Essential Oils


I love to burn candles with a relaxing scent or use essential oils in my Vic’s Vaporizer. Scents can be very powerful. By filling a room with a relaxing scent it already sets the tone for you mind to calm down and relieve stress. Lemon, spearmint, chamomile, and lavender are a few of my favorite scents to use. It is super simple to do, and it really does take away some of your tension causing stress.

And shout out to girlytreasures for posting about the marble candles from Bath and Body Works! Aren’t they gorgeous?!? Plus they smell great. As soon as I read her post I knew I had to go get one! Be sure to check her blog out!

Tip #5 Reading/Hot Herbal Tea


Reading is a huge stress reliever for me. I have always enjoyed sitting down to get lost in a good book. As I read I find myself getting submerged in the story line, and for a few moments I escape reality. It takes my mind away from all the things causing me stress because I am so focused on what is happening in the story.

I also love to have a hot cup of herbal tea while I read. Well, let’s be honest I am drinking tea almost 24/7, but it really pairs well with reading. My favorites to drink are Chai and Chamomile. Any time you see a coffee mug in my hand, which is almost always, you can guarantee one of those two are in it. I find them both to be stress relieving, but the chamomile one is the most relaxing.

Tip #6 Have an at Home Movie Night

I have to admit I love my at home movie nights. I am truly a home body. I would much rather hang out snuggled up on the couch watching a good movie than go out. I find that I can have a truly rough day, but as soon as I cuddle up on the couch to enjoy a movie my stress starts to melt away. Getting yourself caught in a positive moment helps you to let go of what is stressing you for at least a little while. So grab your significant other or your best friend, get some popcorn, and enjoy a movie night from your own couch!

Tip #7 Adult Coloring Books


I first learned this trick in a college English course before the adult coloring craze ever hit. Our teacher would have us color in pages like this for 15 to 20 minutes at the beginning of class. Then she would have us brainstorm topics for our paper due that week. It really helped the creative process by clearing out your mind so you could focus on your paper.

I still use this trick all the time. It honestly calms my anxiety and reduces my stress. I usually take anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour to color on page when I am feeling too stressed out. It helps clear my mind, and aids in me thinking more calmly. If you struggle with anxiety or general stress I recommend you try this out. Believe me it works!

Tip #8 Do a Face Mask


I love to do a face mask after getting a bath or shower. It is just another thing that relaxes me. I typically put on a face mask then go do something else. Whether it be clean the house, watching a movie, reading, watching youtube, etc. I do something else stress relieving while the mask works its magic. To me it means there is one less thing I have to worry about. I know that my skin is being taken care of with minimal effort on my part.


I hope you all find these stress relieving tips helpful! Do you have any tips that work for you? I always love to hear new suggestions!

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~Kayle Jo ❤

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