My Favorite Hair Mask

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Today I want to share with you a full review on my FAVORITE hair mask that I have EVER tried in my life. That’s a dramatic statement, but I promise this product works like magic for your hair!

I simply can’t stop using this product. I bought it just to try it out, and I found a holy grail product. I will always continue to repurchase this product because my hair has never been as healthy and beautiful as it is now.

If you’re interested in hearing about the hair mask that has me raving then just keep on scrolling!

Macadamia Professional Nourishing Moisture Masque


The Macadamia Professional nourishing moisture masque is amazing! If you have read my past Monthly Love It or Leave It posts you have probably seen a smaller version of this product be mentioned. I originally bought the smaller size when I wanted to try it out for the first time. Then I had to purchase the larger size when I ran out of product. To hear why I love this product so much keep on scrolling!

Product Information

⇒ Free of sulphates, parabens, and gluten.

⇒ Color Safe

⇒ Cruelty Free

⇒ Pro Oil Complex including a Macadamia and Argan  Oil Blend

⇒ The 8 oz. size retails for $36 US, and the 2 oz. size retails for $12 US

⇒ Hydrating, repairing, and reconstructing for medium to coarse hair texture

⇒ Improves hair health, shine, and elasticity.

⇒ Detangles hair while also reducing frizz

Why I Love It

Simply put this hair mask is literally magic to my hair! It does everything I could ever ask for when it comes to improving my hair. Just for reference I have thick hair that tends to get easily tangled. I also regularly color my hair, and flat-iron it which both cause a lot of damage.

This product is honestly the first hair mask that I have noticed results with after using it. Probably my favorite thing about this mask is how easily it removes knots from my hair. I can struggle with a brush trying to get knots out with no success. However, I can wet my hair, and as soon as I start to run the mask through my hair my knots come right out with no issue. If you have hair that easily tangles you need this product. It is a true miracle solution for tangled hair.

I also love how much it has repaired my hair. Since I started using this my hair has never been healthier. Despite coloring and flat ironing my hair is not nearly as frizzy, does not break as easy, and it looks smooth and shiny. It definitely provides intense hydration to your hair. Therefore, if you have oily hair this product may not be for you. Over all I feel like this product has saved my hair, and I highly recommend it to those with similar hair type and struggles.

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed the review. Have you tried this product? Let me know your thoughts!

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~Kayle Jo ❤

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