ColourPop Haul!

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Hello My Beauties!

Recently, I went on the ColourPop website to pick up a few items from their new limited edition Sand Collection. Of course, while I was on their site I got distracted, and ended up buying a few other things as well. Today I thought I’d share with all of you what I picked up this time!

ColourPop is a great brand! They are both affordable and high quality. If you’re interested to see what I got just keep scrolling!

Sand Collection (Limited Edition)

Satin Lip


The first item I knew I had to purchase was this ultra satin lip in the shade Strut! I was slightly nervous to get this because I hadn’t tried the satin formula. However, when I saw the color swatched I knew I had to go for it!

This color is gorgeous! I also am finding that I love the satin formula. I feared it wouldn’t be long-lasting, but it actually lasts a good amount of time. You will get transfer with this formula, but I can let that go because I love the color!

I will definitely be reaching for this one a lot!!

Pressed Powder Shadow

Conundrum- Matte Warm Brown

Conundrum is a beautiful warm brown shade. This works great as a crease shade as we are heading into Spring. I typically don’t go towards warm shades, but I am really liking the warm bronze looks this year!

I have used this shade once, and it blended out beautifully! These shadows are soft, buttery, and highly pigmented. So far I love it!

Ego- Metallic Rosy Taupe

Ego looks gorgeous when it is swatched! It is that perfect cool tone rose shade. It is also very metallic! I haven’t had the chance to use this one yet, but I foresee it getting used a lot!

Boxer- Deep Metallic Bronze

I saved my favorite for last! Boxer is breath-taking! As soon as I swatched it I swear my heart skipped a beat. I love deep bronze shades, and this one is unlike any other I own. It applies great, and it just looks amazing on the eyes. If you’re going to get any of these shadows pick this one!!

Super Shock Shadows

Super Hard Core- Satin Ivory Gold

This is another shade that I haven’t had the chance to try out. It looks like a gorgeous soft shade that will be good for an everyday simple makeup look. The super shock formula is unlike any other eye shadow formula I have ever come across. I can’t wait to put Super Hard Core to use!

Reversible- Satin Goldy Beige

This one I also haven’t used. It swatches gorgeous though! I love that Reversible is a satin! It is that perfect amount of sheen without being too metallic. This one will surely get a lot of use as well.

Random Purchases

Super Shock Highlighter

Smokin’ Whistles- Cool-Toned Pink Champagne with Silver Highlights

Oh my! Smokin’ Whistles is my new favorite highlight! I love how gorgeous it looks. You can apply this lightly for a natural glow or build it up to be more intense. I love how this shade looks on my skin tone. My only issue so far is finding a brush that applies it good. Other than that I am loving it! Definitely a new addiction.

Créme Gel Liner

Mr. Bing- Rich Warm Matte Brown

Mr. Bing is a liner that was made in collaboration with Kathleen Lights from Youtube. It is a gorgeous rich warm brown. My favorite thing about it is how much it brings out the green in my eyes. However, the first day I tried this it really irritated my eyes. My eyes are sensitive when it comes to eye liners so it doesn’t say anything against the product. I will try it out again, but I’m not sure I will be able to use it sadly.

Lippie Stix

Tootsi- Pinky Greige Matte

Tootsi is a typical Kayle color! I absolutely love it! Of course I do own others that are similar, but in my eyes this one is totally unique. :p I do love this formula. It is matte without being drying, and I do think it lasts a long time. This color will for sure be a go to for me.



From left to right: Conundrum, Ego, Boxer, Super Hard Core, Reversible, Smokin’ Whistles, Mr. Bing, Tootsi, and Strut!

Thank you so much for checking out my post! I hope you enjoyed seeing what I picked up from ColourPop! Remember that if you want to get your hands on any of the Sand Collection do it now because it is limited edition! All products mentioned are available at the current moment.

“Have you tried any of these? Let me know your thoughts!”

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