April Boxy Charm Unboxing!

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Boho Glow

Hello Beauties!

It is Boxy Charm time! I love making these posts every month, it’s one of my favorites! For anyone that may not know Boxy Charm is a monthly subscription service. For $21 a month you will receive a box filled with 5 full size beauty products worth an overall total of $100 or more!

I have found Boxy Charm to be the best subscription service out there for beauty products. You are getting full size products to try out for a cheap price. All my boxes have been worth over $100! I definitely believe this one is worth the money!

If you’re interested to see what I got just keep scrolling!

Rodeo Drive Highlighter by OFRA Cosmetics


Rodeo Drive is a gorgeous light golden highlighter. The OFRA highlighter formula is intense! The product is soft, silky, and very pigmented. This product will give you an intense glow! If you are like me and enjoy more natural looking highlights this one may not be for you. I’m not sure how much I will use this, but it is a great product to get if you like an intense glow!

Retails for $35

Blend Squad: 3-Piece Contour Blending Sponges by PÜR


This is just great! This month you receive not one, but three beauty sponges from PÜR Cosmetics! I personally have not tried out this beauty sponge, but I have heard great things! I have seen many rave reviews so I am excited to give it a try! The best part is if I love it I have three to go through!

Retails for $36

Concealer Palette by Measurable Difference


I was excited to see this in my box this month as well! I have never heard of this brand before, but that is part of why I love Boxy Charm, you always get to try new brands. This palette has 16 shades of concealer so there is something for every skin tone. From swatching the palette I have found that the formula is a little on the dry side. However, the palette does recommend adding a beauty oil before applying.

I personally like the dry formula because I have oily skin. I will most likely use this palette more for spot concealing blemishes than for under the eyes. This is how it is recommended for it to be used, and that’s how I see myself using it. There is also a shade in here that I think will be perfect for a cream contour! I am very excited to put this to use!

Retails for $19.99

Lip Gloss by Cargo Cosmetics


I was excited to see this gloss, but it let me down. The description says this is a high shine intense color lasting formula that never gets sticky. I do agree that the formula isn’t sticky at all. It is very comfortable on the lips. However, I find that it isn’t really a high shine gloss. To me it has a standard shine for a gloss, and I have seen others that are more intense. It is also very shear! The picture you see above is about 4 swatches of the product to get the bronze shade to show up. This shade is called Umbria. I find that you have to dip back in to the product three to four times to get enough product. The wand doesn’t pick up much product at all.

Overall, I am disappointed in this one, but I will try to test it out more.

Retails for $16

Hairgurt Smoothing Yogurt Shampoo by Project Beauty


I was also excited to see this in my box! I have seen this product mentioned before, but I have never got the chance to try it out. Firstly, it smells absolutely amazing! It smells just like a strawberry banana smoothie. It is free sulphates, parabens, harsh salt systems, harmful colors, and harmful fragrances. So it is very healthy for your hair which is exactly what I look for in hair products. It claims to help tame dry and frizzy hair which since I have started the process of going blonde is something I can definitely use!

Retails for $10

 Box Total $ 116.99

That’s everything I got in my box this month!! Overall I was excited about this box. There is a lot of stuff I am excited to put to use, and see how well it works out. I still highly recommend Boxy Charm to all my beauties! Thank you so much for reading!!

“What was in your box? Did you love it? Let me know!”


Not a Charmer yet? Don’t miss out on this box! Sign up here: https://boxycharm.com/refer/Kayle-JJLZSAMU



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