Lush Makeup: Hit or Miss?

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Hello beauties!

The past few weeks I have put the Lush colour supplement (foundation) and emotional brilliance (translucent face powder) to the test! I love the Lush bath products so I wanted to try out their makeup as well. I tried these two products out for a few weeks, and I finally have a solid opinion!

If you’re interested to hear my thoughts just keep scrolling!

Jackie Oates Colour Supplement


Product Details

  • Has a range of 7 shades
  • Claims to be calming for sensitive skin
  • Oat milk, aloe vera, and honey keeps skin cool
  • Full coverage on its own or can be mixed with a moisturizer for a subtle effect
  • Comes with .6 oz of product (Less than the standard foundation)
  • Vegan, cruelty free, natural ingredients, and hand-made
  • Retails for $18.95 US

My Thoughts

I was so excited to try out this product! I wanted a natural foundation option, and when I saw that this one was also full coverage I had to have it! That being said it definitely disappointed me.

My biggest issue is that the product claim is incorrect. It says when applied alone you will get full coverage, but the most I could get is a very light/medium coverage. If it were advertised as a light coverage foundation I would be more understanding. However, when you market a foundation as full coverage that is what I expect to get. No matter how much I applied or how many layers I did I just could not get good coverage with this product.

My next issue is the shade range is horrible! I mean 7 shades is just not enough. It is very hard to find a shade that will match without mixing product.

My final issue is it didn’t blend out well at all. I tried using different brushes and beauty sponges, and every time it just looked patchy. I could not get it to blend out very well. Then when I tried to go in with concealer it wanted to lift off the foundation. It was just not working well at all.

The one plus is it did wear okay throughout the day. I didn’t get super oily and it didn’t cake up at all.

Emotional Brilliance Translucent Face Powder


Product Details

  • Mattifying powder for all skin tones
  • Translucent
  • Use to eliminate shine over foundation or on its own to even out skin tone
  • Made with softening jojoba oil which is similar to the skins natural oils. This helps keep your skin hydrated yet matte.
  • Vegan, cruelty free, and hand-made
  • Includes a talc base
  • You get .2 oz of product
  • Retails for $19.95 US

My Thoughts

I’m always excited for a translucent powder! Since I have combination/oily skin I always set my face with a mattifying powder. This one I have mixed feelings about, let me explain.

I will say the big plus to this product is it does what it claims to do. I found that it did mattify my skin, and kept me from getting any unwanted shine throughout the day. However, it wasn’t drying at all. I think this could be great for anyone with dry skin that wants a matte finish. Overall, I like the performance of this product.

My biggest issue is the scent of the powder. I cannot stand how strong the scent on this product is, and how it lingers throughout the day. I have heard some say that it has no scent, but mine definitely does! Maybe I got a bad one, but the smell makes me not want to use it at all. The scent lasts throughout the day, and I just can’t stand that.

My other issue is the packaging. This is one of the messiest loose powders I have ever used. It is in such a small jar packed full with no sifter. As soon as you open the lid powder will go all over if you’re not extra careful. I really think they could improve the packaging.

Overall this product isn’t bad, but I don’t see myself reaching for it over others that I own.

Hit or Miss?

Overall, I would say both of these products are a miss, and especially the foundation. If you can get past the scent the powder may be a hit for you. I love Lush as a brand, and I love a lot of their product. However, I don’t see myself using these two products. I have other products in my collection that are cheaper, come with more product, and work a lot better. So unfortunately I would not repurchase these products.

Thank you so much for reading my review. Remember, these products didn’t work for me, but they may work for you. I always want to give my honest thoughts and opinions, but take it with a grain of salt. Every product works differently for each person.

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“Have you tried these products? Let me know your thoughts!”


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