Makeup 101: Foundation

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Today, I am sharing my second post in my Makeup 101 series. In case you are new to my blog let me explain what this series is all about. Throughout this series I will be going in detail about different categories of makeup. My goal is to help anyone that may just be starting in makeup or are wanting to perfect their skills. I also would love for my readers to comment their own tips to help everyone, including me.

Part one of this series was Makeup 101: Skin Care and Priming. Be sure to check it out if you haven’t already!

Today I am going to cover my tips for foundation. If you’re interested to know my tips just keep scrolling!

Where To Start

Foundation can be a very intimidating makeup item to tackle. There are different finishes, levels of coverage, and so many different shade choices. It can be very hard to find a starting point when shopping for a new foundation.

I am going to break it down in 3 simple steps for you! Hopefully these steps can help the process of finding that perfect foundation a little easier.

Step One: Coverage

Before you ever look at a brand the first step is to choose the type of coverage that you want to have with your foundation. Foundations can be sheer, light, medium, full, or buildable coverage. This part really comes down to personal preference.

I personally only use foundations that have medium, full, or buildable coverage. I like to have a lot of coverage to have a more even skin appearance. However, that can be too much for some people.

Typically if I am wearing foundation you will see nothing of my natural skin or at the most a few freckles peaking through. If you want more of your natural features to show then you would want to go for a sheer to light coverage.

Foundations that are buildable can be great for multipurpose. You can get lighter coverage with them or build them up to be full coverage. This is a great way to save money by getting two different coverages from one foundation. My personal favorite is the Smashbox Studio Skin 15hr wear hydrating foundation.

Step Two: Finish

After you have chosen the coverage you want the next step is to decide what kind of finish you would like it to be. The most common finishes of a foundation are dewy, matte, and satin matte.

Personally, I go for foundations with a matte or satin matte finish because these are the best for oily skin. A matte foundation will help keep you from looking more oily throughout the day. Since I have combination oily skin matte foundation wears the best on my skin.

For all my dry skin beauties you would probably prefer a dewy finish. A dewy finish will give your skin a healthy and natural looking glow. Dry skin will look the best with a foundation that is more on the dewy side. However, you could use a luminous primer with a matte foundation and it could still work.

If you are unsure which one you would prefer I would recommend a satin matte finish. A satin matte is a good in between finish. It isn’t completely matte, but it isn’t dewy either. When you wear a satin matte you can start to tell if you would prefer something more matte or something with more of a glow.

Step Three: Undertone/Shade Selection

Now that you have an idea of the coverage and finish you like now it is time to determine your perfect shade. Choosing a shade can be very frustrating. Some brands offer barely any shades while others offer 30 or more. Both situations are equally intimidating.

The first step to choosing a shade is determining your undertone. Though you may be a similar skin tone as someone else you may not wear the same shade because your undertone is different. Your skin can have a cool undertone, a warm undertone, or a neutral undertone.

Cool undertones include pink, red, and bluish undertones to your skin. Warm undertones have yellow, peachy, or golden undertones to your skin. A neutral undertone is right down the middle.

A quick and easy trick to determine your skins undertone is to look at the veins on your forearm right at your wrist. The color of your veins can actually tell you your undertone. If your veins appear more blue then you likely have a cool undertone. Whereas if your veins appear more green you are likely a warm undertone. The reasoning here is if your veins appear green it is because you are seeing your blue veins through a yellow undertone which mixed makes green. Those with a cool undertone are seeing the true color of veins.

I personally am cool toned so when I choose foundations I look for one that looks more pink than yellow.

Foundation Recommendation

Out of all the foundations I own there is one that I would recommend to everyone reading my blog. No matter what your skin type is from oily to dry this foundation can work for you. It has a satin matte finish and the coverage can go from a light medium to full. This foundation can honestly work for a wide range of people. The foundation I’m talking about is the Wet N Wild Photo Focus foundation. It makes skin look flawless, wears great throughout the day, looks great in photos, and it retails for only $5.99 US! If you’re struggling to find a foundation this one is a great one to start out with! I use it constantly, and I have no complaints on it.


Thank you so much for reading! I hope these tips can help finding a foundation a little easier for my readers!

“Have a question that I didn’t answer? Comment below so I can try to answer!! Have a tip for me and the Distressed Family? Leave it in the comments! I‘d love to know.”

~Kayle Jo ❤




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