Starting a New Journey!

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Hello my beauties! 

Today I want to take a step away from my beauty related posts to talk about my new fitness journey. My blog is a place for the beauty obsessed, but since this new journey of getting healthy is such a large part of my life I wanted to mention it.

I am hoping that by posting here about it I will be more motivated to stick to my goal of getting healthier. I thought it may also help any of my readers who are on a similar journey. Here we can all motivate each other to keep going.

If you’re interested to know more just keep scrolling!

My Reason

I have begun this journey to get healthy and to lose weight because I want to feel better. Part of that is I am honestly not happy with my body at the moment. I’m still confident in my body as women and men should always be no matter what. However, I really want to see some weight come off so I am working towards it. Another part of it is I have had some health issues the past few months, and getting healthier will help me feel better physically. My main goal is to eat healthier and get more exercise. If I can achieve that alone I will feel so much better, and if I knock off some weight along the way it will be a bonus.

It Works!


I took the first step into this journey last month. My cousin sells the brand It Works, and I decided to give one of the products a try. For almost two full months I have been taking Ultimate Thermofit. The first week I saw major progress by dropping 6 pounds. Since then I have been going back and forth with losing or gaining slightly. I still have one more month to go on these, and then I will decide if I will continue with them or not.

A weight loss pill is not necessary at all! My first year of college I dropped close to 50 pounds without ever taking a weight loss supplement. However, right now I am at my heaviest, and I thought these may give me an added piece of motivation. Don’t feel you have to spend the money on these to lose weight. However, if you’re wanting to try a weight loss supplement you may want to check out It Works! They offer a lot of other options as well.

Samsung Health

My second step into this journey is utilizing the Samsung Health app that is on my phone. I have always used this app, but recently I am really trying to use it as a motivation tool. So far I am finding it helpful to be able to track my progress. Sometimes it helps to see it on my phone because it’s not so easy to ignore that way. Having an interactive app helps me put more thought into what I am doing.

The Samsung health app is a great way to track your journey. You can track your steps, heart rate, stress, water intake, sleep, work outs, and so much more! You can also set goals on there, and it just gives you a lot of help with finding motivation. If you have a Samsung phone I strongly recommend you check out the health app!

What I’m Tracking

Here are screen shots from the main page of my health app. The first part shows my goals which is to be active and get more rest. You can adjust your goal for active minutes in a day, and so far I have been doing good with that. However, I’m still not doing good on my sleep. Next down is the step counter. You can also set your own goal for daily steps. My current goal is 10,200 a day.

I also have it set to track my stress, heart rate, spo, water intake, basic work outs, and my weight. Seeing the numbers on my screen seems to make it more real for me. By seeing my progress both good and bad it helps to motivate me. If I go down from where I was or if I don’t reach my daily goal it pushes me harder to achieve it and do better the next day. Once I am consistently reaching a goal then I raise it so I have a new challenge. This has really been helping me the past couple weeks!

Today’s Work Out Detection

Today it was a beautiful day outside so when I got off work I decided to take my dog for a walk around my neighborhood. The screen shots above show where the Health app detected a workout. It breaks it down by how long I walked, my distance, my average speed, and even tells you how many calories you burned. I love how it breaks it all down because once again it gives you a way to challenge yourself. Tomorrow I can try to walk farther or just at a quicker pace. No matter what your workout is the app really helps break it down for you. I love this feature!

Challenge Me!


Samsung health also offers the option to challenge your friends! I think this a great way to motivate yourself as well. Add your friends and challenge them to meet a certain goal. I think it always helps to have someone else doing it with you. When you know someone else is on the journey to get healthy you are more motivated to stick to it because you don’t feel alone.

Final Thoughts

I just wanted to share with you all this new journey I am taking. I thought it could be helpful to me to put it on here, and then I will probably do an update once every month or two. I hope it can also help my readers who are on a similar journey! Thank you so much for taking the time to read my post. I really appreciate my readers!

“Anyone else on a fitness journey? Share your goals with the rest of the Distressed Family!”

~Kayle Jo ❤

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