Clarifying Mud Mask: Hit or Miss?

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Hello my Beauties!

How is everyone doing? I am exhausted, but I am super excited to get a new post up!

Recently, I posted a picture on my Instagram of a bunch of new masks I recently purchased! I walked into work to see a big display of new masks that we will be carrying, and of course I had to buy one of each to test out! I have never tried any of them so I want to test them out, and then give you all my thoughts.

For the past week I tested out the SheaMoisture African Black Soap Clarifying Mud Mask with Tamarind Extract and Tea Tree Oil. I love SheaMoisture as a brand! They have a great story behind how their company started, and they are also cruelty free. If you have never read their story I strongly recommend that you do! Since I already love the brand I definitely wanted to try this mask out. It claims to be good for blemish prone skin which is perfect for me!

So if you’re interested to hear my thoughts on this mud mask then just keep scrolling!

Product Details

  • Retails for $2.50 USD
  • Comes in a 0.5 fl oz package (You can purchase a larger size)
  • It is made with natural and certified organic ingredients.
  • The African Black Soap is a natural remedy for blemished skin.
  • The Tamarind Extract is a natural astringent that helps exfoliate and brighten the skin.
  • The Tea Tree Oil promotes healing with natural anti-septic properties.
  • It draws out dirt and congestion while absorbing excess oil to improve the appearance of troubled skin.

My Thoughts

The very first thing I noticed about this mask is the scent. It strongly smells just like Play-Doh! No joke, one smell of this mask, and instantly you are taken back to your childhood. As soon as I smelled it my memory went straight to me being little and fighting with my cousin over the purple Play-Doh. 😛 The scent is strong, and it does linger on the skin the whole time you wear the mask. If you are sensitive to scent you may not like it.

Since it is a mud mask I was expecting a very thick and opaque consistency, but I was wrong. This mask has a very thin consistency to it. When you apply it you definitely see it on the skin, but you can still see your skin. Imagine a very light coverage foundation only in grey. The good side to the thin consistency is the mask feels very light weight. It honestly doesn’t feel like you have a mask on at all. It also washed off extremely easy! Sometimes masks can be rough to wash off, but this one just glides right off the skin with minimal effort.

After the first time using the mask I didn’t notice any immediate difference in my skin. I do have masks that I can feel them work, and instantly see results, but this was not one of them. My skin has been really broken out lately so I thought that maybe over time it would help to heal my blemishes. However, even after a week I don’t see a difference in my skin. I don’t feel like it gets deep into my pores to clean them because my pores still feel clogged even after using it.

Hit or Miss?

For me this mask is a miss. I love Sheamoisture as a brand because they have a lot of great products. However, this mask just didn’t do anything for my skin. I personally would not repurchase it, but it may work out for you. It does have a 4.5 star rating on Ulta Beauty so it must work well for some people. If you decide to check it out I recommend you buy the packet since it is a lot cheaper. I got five uses out of one packet so it gives you enough product to fully test it out.

Thank you so much for reading my review! Remember this opinion is my own from my personal experience. Products will work differently for everyone so take any opinion you read with a grain of salt. I hope you enjoyed reading my review, and I will be back soon! Have a good night beauties!

“Have you tried this mask?”

~Kayle Jo

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6 thoughts on “Clarifying Mud Mask: Hit or Miss?

  1. I love masks! I have actually been thinking about trying this one out. I have the problem skin toner and like it for the most part! I’m not sure if it totally does anything for me though haha. Good review!

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