How to Flat Iron Hair Without Damaging It!

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How is everyone doing? I hope all is well with all my beauties.

Today is a super exciting post! reach out to me with a very informative resource on flat irons! Though they asked me to review the resource, and consider sharing it all thoughts and opinions are my own. I have chosen to share this resource with all my beauties because I believe it will help you all out!

If you’d like to know more about how you can achieve straight locks with minimal damage just keep scrolling!

Resource Overview

The resource they provide covers a lot of information, and you can tell it was well researched. They tell you the top three flat irons that you can purchase based off their study that started off with 132 flat irons! That is a lot to narrow down, and I believe they did a great job! The resource also covers what plate materials are best, what plate size is best, and which heat level is best for each hair type.

The idea behind the research was to find a flat iron that would style hair at the lowest possible temperature while using the least amount of passes which would ultimately reduce damage.

The Winning Three

  • Best Overall: Bio Ionic 10x Pro Styling Iron
  • Best Titanium: Chi Ultra Chi Titanium Straightening Iron
  • Best Budget: Hot Tools Digital 1″ Salon Flat Iron with Titanium Plates


I personally have been using the Hot Tools flat iron that won best budget for a couple years now. In the resource they mention this one because it is a great priced one that does better than some expensive alternatives. However, the resource also mentions it may take an extra couple passes.

I completely agree with the resource on this one. As you could tell in the opening picture the Hot Tools flat iron definitely straightens my hair, but it does take a few passes to achieve it. If you’re on a budget I do recommend this one, but as with any flat iron I recommend you use a good heat protecting spray to help reduce damage.

What the Resource Taught Me

When you apply any heat source to your hair you’re essentially cooking the hair. The heat can cause your hair to become dry which will result in split ends and breakage. Since most of us won’t be giving up the heat it is best to find ways to reduce the damaging effects of it.

The resource was very insightful about what helps a flat iron be less damaging on hair. I learned that high quality plate materials such as titanium and ceramic are key to reducing damage. Many products come with a ceramic coating which can easily wear off over time. I personally have noticed this in the past with my old flat irons. You can see the coating wear off, and when your hair goes against the bare metal it is harsh on hair. The resource taught me that companies don’t have to be clear on the materials used to make the plates on a flat iron. I recommend buying a flat iron that clearly states high quality plate materials.

Not only does the material matter, but apparently so does the size! I learned that 1″ wide plates are the best, and they should be at least 3″ long. The reason the size matters is because if you use an iron with plates too big or small then you have to use more passes causing more damage.

The type of hair you have matters as well. The resource includes a very helpful chart that shows different hair textures with the corresponding best material and best heat temperature. A good rule of thumb is the finer hair you have the less heat you want to use whereas coarse hair such as mine requires a higher heat.

Final Thoughts

I was rather interested in this resource because it really explained what causes damage, and how you can best prevent it. They did a great job of explaining how they conducted their research as well as teaching readers valuable information about flat ironing hair. I highly recommend all my readers to take the time to fully read the resource!

You can check out the full resource at

Thank you so much to all my readers for taking time to read my content. I hope you find this post helpful, and I hope you enjoy the resource! Thanks to as well for reaching out to me!

Have a great evening everyone!

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