Health Journey Update!

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Hello Beauties!

How is everyone doing? Let me know in the comments how life is going! I love to hear from you all.

Today I want to share with you my health journey update. A couple of months ago I posted that I was Starting a New Journey! If you missed that one be sure to check it out first! Today I am going to update you all on what I have changed, and how it has been going. If you would like to read more about my journey just keep scrolling!

My Struggle

Today has been a rough health day for me, and to be quite honest the past few weeks have been seriously rough. Since my first post I have not made much progress, and that is why I almost didn’t bother to post this at all. However, I thought about how it has been for me, and I know that a lot of you struggle with your own health journeys. So I thought you know what I need to post my struggles as well as my success! I want to keep it real and honest with my readers, and the truth is I struggle to get healthy. I don’t always see success with my journey. I often have really bad days with my pain and my anxiety. I want to share that with all of you so that you know you are not alone. We all struggle, but the important thing is that we keep pushing.

Change In Diet

The biggest change I have made is a change in my diet. The first thing I decided to do is cut gluten out of my diet. Originally, my diet was packed with gluten. I was eating 3 meals a day that all included gluten. So I decided to start cutting it out, and I have felt so much better! Now I do cheat from time to time. I have not went 100% gluten-free, but I have definitely cut it down a lot. Now if I have it at all it is just in one meal. This made me stop feeling sick to my stomach, and it has also helped ease my chronic pain. This is one change I started that I have been successful with throughout my journey.

The other major change I started was to go dairy free. At first I was really successful with this one as well. However, I admit I have given up on this one. I don’t have nearly as much dairy as I once would have, but I have by no means cut it out. I didn’t notice a big change when I cut it out, and so I didn’t feel like I needed to keep it cut out.

The only other change I made was to cut out sugar. This has been an up and down battle. I have done great for weeks at a time, and then not so great for a week. Sweets are my weakness, and I am sure it will always be a battle to reduce my sugar intake.

My Decision To Stop Thermofit

If you read my first post then you know I was testing out Thermofit from the brand It Works. Now I don’t mean any disrespect to anyone, but I found this product to be a waste of my money! I noticed results the first week, but after that I didn’t notice a change at all. It was not curbing my appetite, not giving me energy, and not making me lose weight. Everything that the product promised to do I don’t think it actually did. Therefore, I did choose to give it up because it just was not worth the money I was putting into it.

Samsung Health App

As you can tell from the pictures above I am still using my Samsung health app. I find that it does help me track both my failures and my successes. Plus I am currently doing a global steps challenge for the month of July which makes my journey a little more of a challenge. I like a good challenge so that is great motivation for me. I still recommend this app to anyone that has a Samsung, and is on a similar journey.

Weight Update

In the beginning I said that losing weight was not the most important thing, and that is still true. I would like to lose weight, but the major part of my journey is just about feeling better. At first I actually gained a lot of weight. Though I was starting this journey I still gained weight. Just this past week I have lost 3 pounds which puts me closer to where I was at the start of my journey. It is always a disappointment when you gain weight, but the reality is it is going to happen. If weight loss was easy everyone would do it, right? It is a struggle to get weight off and keep it that way. I have always struggled with weight. The important thing is to look at that scale, and regardless of the number feel confident in yourself. Confidence is the key! Numbers do not matter!

I haven’t decreased my weight since my first post, but guess what I am feeling so much better! That is what is most important! I physically feel better regardless of not shedding pounds.

Wrapping It Up

My journey so far has been an uphill battle, and I have definitely went backwards when I should have been going forward. I have had successes as well as failures. That is what a journey is all about. If it was easy it wouldn’t be nearly as rewarding in the end.

I will continue my journey, and I will keep updating you all. Whether it is good or bad I will share what I go through. If you are struggling on your own journey reach out to me! We can support each other through it.

Thank you so much for stopping by my page! I appreciate every single person who reads what I have to say. Be sure to comment below, and let me know how your journey is going!

Kayle Jo ❤

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