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Hello Beauties!

Today I am going to explain step by step how to cover your tattoos! I honestly had not thought about doing a post on this. However, I reach out to one of my friends, and this is the idea she gave me. So thank you Miranda for this idea because I am super excited to share it!

If you have tattoos you most likely love to show them off, but sometimes there may be occasions where they have to be covered. A lot of brides choose to cover their tattoos on their wedding day while others cover them for reasons such as a job interview. No matter the reason you need them covered I am going to share my tips and tricks to get it done!

If you’re interested to see how I made one of my tattoos temporarily disappear just keep scrolling!

Step 1

Prepare Your Skin

Just like when you apply makeup to your face you need prepare your skin for the best application. If it is possible it is best to shave the area of the tattoo. The reason here is because the makeup can cake up on hairs which makes it obvious you are trying to cover something. For a seamless blend it is best to shave the area. You also want to cleanse the area with a body wash or even your favorite face wash. Next moisturize the area with a quick absorbing moisturizer before applying a primer. In this case you want to use a primer that has some stick to it so that it prolongs the wear of the makeup.

Step 2

Color Correct

color wheel
Source: Google

It is important to color correct the tattoo. The color you use to do this will depend on the color of the tattoo. You always want to use the color opposite on the color wheel. For example to correct red you would use green. The tattoo I chose to cover as you saw is all black. Since black is dark you want something to correct that darkness. Therefore, just like when you conceal the dark circles under your eyes you need to use a red to orange tone to color correct black.

To do this I used a red liquid lipstick in my collection. You can use any lipstick of the right color, but make sure it is matte. You can also use a color correcter if you have one in the right shade.

You want to apply a thin layer, and blend it out with a makeup sponge. The key is to do thin layers so that it builds the coverage without looking to thick or heavy.

Step 3


Once the color correct layer is completely dry apply a thin layer of any medium to full coverage concealer, and blend it out with a makeup sponge. Let that layer dry then repeat with another layer of concealer. As you do this make sure to use light pouncing motions, and blend out your edges. You don’t want there to be a distinct line between your foundation and your skin.

For this step I used the Tarte Shape Tape concealer, but you can use any concealer in your collection.

Step 4


Next you need a full coverage foundation. I used the Urban Decay All Nighter foundation because not only is it full coverage, but it is also water proof.

Dot some foundation on the area, and then with a flat top foundation brush start blending out the foundation with light pouncing motions. Don’t swipe your brush because that will take away the coverage. When you lightly stipple the foundation on you will get the most coverage.

Keep blending until your edges are blended out, and the appearance of the tattoo is gone.

Step 5

Set It and Make It Last

Now that the tattoo is covered you want to lightly set the foundation with a translucent powder. Setting the foundation will help ensure that it doesn’t smear, and will stay in place all day.

Then take a setting spray such as the Urban Decay De-Slick spray, and spray down the area. If you don’t have a setting spray then you can also use hair spray, it does the exact same thing.

Now that it’s set you are all done! Your tattoo should be hidden, and it will last all day long!

I hope this post is helpful if there comes a time you need to cover up your tattoos. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to read my content! If you liked this post be sure to give it a like, and subscribe before you leave so you don’t miss out on future posts! I truly appreciate it.

Enjoy your day

Kayle Jo ❤

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