October: Love It or Leave It?

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Hello My Beauties!!

I seriously cannot believe that October is already over! I feel like I blinked my eyes, and suddenly it is November. I’m not ready for it at all, lol.

It has been awhile since I did a love it or leave it post because I honestly got a little burnt out on them. I just couldn’t find the motivation to write them, and I decided it was best to take a break for a little while. However, I am really excited to talk about some products I have been loving the past couple months! It feels good to get back into it.

If you’re interested to know what products I have been loving just keep scrolling!

Products I Am Loving!

° Veil Mineral Primer by Hourglass


The past couple months I have fallen back in love with Hourglass’s veil mineral primer! I used to love this, but when I ran out I didn’t repurchase it due to the price. This primer is very expensive, but I honestly say it is 100% worth it! It smooths out my skin, and it keeps me matte all day long. This is hands down my holy grail primer, and I will continue to purchase it.

° Optical Illusion Complexion Primer by Urban Decay

urban decay

This isn’t a primer that I couldn’t live without, but I have been using it all month in conjunction with the Hourglass one. I don’t like this primer on its own because it doesn’t help my makeup hold up throughout the day. However, I like to use a small dot of this just on my cheeks and between my eyebrows. It helps to fill in my pores where they are the worst, and that’s why it is in my favorites this month.

° All Hours Full Coverage Matte Foundation by Yves Saint Laurent 


I have a full dedicated review on the YSL All Hours Foundation if you want to know my full thoughts on it. Spoiler alert, it is definitely worth the price! I just had to mention this foundation as a favorite because I have been wearing it a lot! When I wasn’t wearing it alone I had it mixed with another foundation I will be mentioning. It gives me great coverage and it lasts all day that’s all I ask for in a foundation.

° Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Foundation by Too Faced


When this foundation first released I had no intention of buying it for two reasons. One because it just didn’t intrigue me, and two because I still don’t like shopping at Sephora (this is Sephora exclusive). However, then Thataylaa reviewed it, and if you have followed me for a while you know if she loves a foundation I have to try it! If you don’t watch her channel seriously go subscribe right now because she does BOMB foundation reviews, and she is just so genuine and hard-working. Anyway, she totally sold me on this foundation, and I am in love with it! It looks beautiful on the skin, it really is transfer proof, and it wears great throughout the day. I do mix the All Hours foundation with it to add coverage when I need it, but on its own it is a beautiful medium coverage.

foundation swatches
Too Faced shade Snow. YSL shade BR10

° Ultimate Blending Brush by Elf


Yet another product I bought based off of Thataylaa videos! This brush isn’t specified for foundation, but it blends out foundation like a dream! It really gives you the most coverage, and it doesn’t streak or anything like that. I love the way my foundation looks when I use this brush, and it is the only brush I have been using for months!

° Mineral Glow Bronzer by PÜR Cosmetics

This is another product that I fell in love with all over again! When I first got this in a Boxy Charm box I used it a lot, but then it got pushed to the side until recently. I picked it up one day because I really wanted to add a lot of warmth to my face. I instantly wondered why I ever stopped using it. The swatch makes it look scary, but it is a lot different blended out on the skin. It adds a warm glow to the skin without looking orange or too shimmery. It just gives you a healthy bronze look to the skin, and I love it!

° Rodeo Drive Highlight by Ofra

ofra swatch

Rodeo Drive is seriously the most intense highlighter in my collection. I would have never bought this highlight because of how intense it is, but I am so glad it came in one of my Boxy Charm boxes. I typically don’t go for an intense highlight, but the past month I have not been able to put this down. I really love the glow this gives to my skin! It’s not at all subtle, but it is gorgeous!

° Electric Eyes Palette by Blinc

blinc swatch

Guys….this palette is INSANE! Do you see those swatches? They go on the eyes just as intense as they swatch, and you don’t even need to wet these. This palette came in a Boxy Charm box, and it is honestly one of my favorite things I have ever got from them. These metallic shades are the most amazing metallics I have ever tried! They feel like butter, have intense pigment, and they apply so beautiful. I cannot get enough of this palette.

° Modster Smooth Ride Supercharged Eyeliner by Ardency Inn

arden swatch

I hadn’t used this liner in such a long time because it was at the bottom of my collection. I started to de-clutter my drawer of eye products, and I found this. Once I used it again I remembered exactly why I love it, and I haven’t stopped using it since. It glides on super easy, it is intense black, and it lasts all day in my waterline. I can’t believe I stopped using this one, and I am so glad I rediscovered it.

° 24/7 Glide-On Lip Pencil in Hex by Urban Decay

urban line
urban swatch

Since it is Fall I have been wearing dark vampy lips as often as I can. One reason I love Fall makeup is because of the dark lip colors. I only wear them this time of year. This lip pencil in Hex has been my go to any time I wanted to do a dark lip. This color is perfect for so many different dark lip colors, and glides on so smoothly! I have been using this non-stop all month.

° Amore Matte Lip Creme in Magnificent by Milani


Milani liquid lipsticks are super affordable, and they last really well throughout the day. This color Magnificent is a gorgeous deep berry shade, and I have been loving it. The only downfall to this particular shade is it is a little patchy, but putting a lip liner under it or doing two coats fixes that issue. I just love how this color is deep, but it also has this gorgeous pink undertone. You do have to work with this one, but it is worth it.

° Quick Dry Matte Lip Paint in Acid Wash by Tarte


Speaking of dark lips, Tarte’s Acid Wash is the most gorgeous deep purple shade! I love it! The formula of the quick dry lip paints is amazing. It really does dry down quick, and it stays in place all day. I recently wore this for my Last Minute Gypsy on Halloween, and it held up all day. The color is perfect for Fall, and I will definitely be wearing it throughout November as well.

° Infallible Lip Paint in Nude Star by Loreal


On the days that I have not been feeling a bold lip I have been going for this infallible lip in a nude. These are really comfortable to wear, and this shade is such a gorgeous nude. I love grabbing this on mornings I am in a hurry to get to work because it is easy to apply, and it gives me some color. It doesn’t last the longest, but I don’t mind reapplying it throughout the day especially when I work.

lip swatches

° The Good Girl by Mary Kubica

Good Girl

The stand out book of this month was definitely The Good Girl. When you start reading this book it almost seems boring. For me it was a little hard to keep reading, but little things would happen that would keep me going. By the end of the book I was sure I knew the plot line, but the epilogue totally throws you for a loop. I mean I quite literally wanted to throw the book when I read the epilogue. Everything you think you know just gets thrown out, and you seriously have a WTF moment. If you like books with a twist you will love this one.

° Ginger Aid Tea


I have always been a big tea drinker, and recently I found this organic ginger aid tea. I have been absolutely loving it. It has just enough ginger taste without being too spicy. I personally love drinking ginger ale, and this is like a hot version. I really find that it helps calm my stomach when it is upset, and I just love drinking it every evening regardless.

Products I Am Leaving

Leave It

*Disclaimer: I am in no way talking bad on these brands. These are products that just didn’t work for me. If you love any of these products I am not trying to offend you, everyone has different experiences with products.*

° Tea Tree Makeup Wipes by The Body Shop

I bought these hoping they could help my acne prone skin since they have tea tree in them. However, I cannot use these on my face because the smell is terrible! I literally cannot stand the smell, and it lingers on the skin. For that reason alone these are a pass for me.

° Fit Me Loose Powder by Maybelline

A lot of people love this powder! I have seen so many rave about it which is what ultimately made me want to try it. However, I really just do not like the way this makes my skin look. For some reason it makes my skin look dry and textured which are two problems I never have to deal with at all. I have other powders that don’t have that effect, and for that reason this too is a pass.

° Secret Brightening Powder by Laura Mercier

I know a lot of people love this product, but I cannot get behind it. I gave it a fair shot, but there is one thing that keeps me from using it. When I applied it I could see tiny little glitters all over my under eye area, and you all know I hate glitter. I also didn’t notice that it brightened my under eyes. I’m glad I only got a small sample of this because I won’t be using it.

° Liquid Liner 17hr wear by Milani

This liner seems to be an intense black shade that would look nice. However, this formula is super liquidy, and every time I use it I get it in my eyes. It has caused so much irritation in my eyes that I would never try to use it again. I have tried to be super careful, but it runs into my inner corner and burns my eyes. My eyes are rather sensitive so that may be why it bothers me. It may work great for others, but I will be passing on it.

° Soiree Diaries Eye Palette by PÜR Cosmetics

I was really excited to get this palette in my Boxy Charm, but I have to say I am disappointed in this product. The eyeshadows look gorgeous, and they swatch that way as well. However, on the eyes these are lack luster. I found that they were not pigmented at all. The mattes take forever to build the intensity, and then the shades don’t look the same as they do in the pan. The shimmers don’t show up as shimmers at all. Even with Mac Fix + they do not pop. Therefore, for me this palette is a major pass.

Thank you all so much for joining me! I hope you enjoyed hearing about the products I have been loving in October! I know this one is long, but I just had so much to talk about this month. Let me know in the comments what products you’ve been loving so I can check them out!

Kayle Jo

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