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Hello Beauties!!

This week has been a rough one! Between bad news, stress, and a 3 day migraine I was so over it. Life is really doing a good job of testing my limits, and seeing just how far I can be pushed. So far I am beyond unimpressed with 2018! I sure hope it is going better for all my beauties.

So since this week has been crazy I figured it would be the perfect time to share my way of keeping sane and organized through it all. This is outside of my typical makeup content, but I want to incorporate more life style content to my blog so that you all can get a better idea of who I am as the author.

Today’s topic is all about planning and keeping a journal. I want to go over why I think it is benefiticial to have a planner, why I chose the type I did, and show you how I am staying motivated. If you are interested to know how I keep things planned just keep scrolling!

Planner and Journal Options ~

There are a lot of choices out there for keeping a planner or journal such as a

  • Notebook
  • Standard Journal
  • Bullet Journal
  • Cheap planner from Walmart, Target, Amazon, etc.
  • Erin Condren Life Planner (Pictured above)
  • Sketch Pad

You can use just about anything to create a planner or journal. It doesn’t have to cost a lot to do the job right. The important thing is that if you want to start one that you do it. Doesn’t matter if you grab some scrap paper lying around the house. You just need paper and a pen, and you are all set!

Why I Chose an Erin Condren Life Planner ~

I have always been the type of person to keep a planner and a journal. It is a method that really helps me in a lot of ways. However, for 2018 I really wanted to go all out with my planner so that I would be more likely to stick to it every single day of the year.

The first reason an Erin Condren was my go to option is because of the price. These planners cost roughly $65 an up, and I know that is expensive. However, the reason the high price caught my eye is because I knew if I spent a lot of money on it I would be more likely to keep using it. Since I put a lot of my hard earned money into it there is a big motivation to make sure that it is well used.

Another reason I wanted an Erin Condren is because you can customize it! I love that it isn’t just the standard planner that is the exact same for everyone. Since I got to be a part of the creative process deciding the layout, the color of the coil, personalizing the cover, etc. I feel like it is a truly special planner for me. No one will have the exact same thing as me because I helped in designing it to be unique to me. That really keeps me inspired to use it.

A Peek Inside ~

plan it

At the beginning of the planner their is a couple pages that say “Don’t Call It A Dream, Call It A Plan”, and I use this section to write my biggest goals for the year. I have already filled in 6 boxes of goals I would like to achieve. This is definitely a place where I can put long term goals, and I think that writing them down really helps me to focus on achieving them.


Next there is a monthly spread at the beginning of each month. This is just a layout where you can see the entire month at a glance. I use this page to write in appointments, due dates for bills, birthdays, and any other important dates. I really like this so that at any time I can quickly glance at the month to see how I need to plan things out day to day or to see what is coming up soon. There is also a notes section along the side which I like to use to keep note of what bills I have paid so that if there is any doubt I can quickly check to see if it got paid.


Then you have a weekly spread for every week in the month. This is where I plan out my week more in depth. I write in who I have working for me each day, what I need to accomplish at work, when I need to work on blog content, any chores or activities I need to do, etc. Along the sides of each page I added in stickers with inspiring quotes on them to help give me little boosts of motivation when I open my planner. There is also a notes section on here which I typically use a shopping list so that I don’t forget what I need to pick up that week. This is honestly the core of my planning.


At the end of the month there is what I call a review page, and then a quote page that starts out the next month. On the review page I use it for 3 separate things. In the top circles I write in any short term or long term goals that I reach that month. In the middle I write any moments that really stood out to me that month along with the date. For example, if someone did something nice for me or made me laugh I will write that in to have a written memory of that day. Then in the bottom box I write down what I need to work on more next month. For example if I haven’t been working towards one of my goals I would put that I need to focus on it more.

There are of course a lot of other things to this planner. These are just some of my most used pages. You also get a lot of stickers in the planner to use, some doodle space, note space, and a separate address book. These planners do have a lot to offer!

My Trackers ~

One thing I considered when starting to plan this year was a bullet journal. Bullet Journals have really gotten popular the past couple of years, and they are amazing. Some people have such talent when drawing out their planner. The reason I chose against it is because I knew I would not keep up with it. I knew I would grow tired of drawing out all the spreads each week. However, I loved the idea of some of the trackers I saw in bullet journals so I decided to have a planner, and then draw my trackers separate.

book tracktracker

Before anyone points it out I know I am not very artistic, and my hand writing is not the prettiest. However, that just goes to show it doesn’t have to be perfect to do the job!

Reading Tracker: I drew out a book shelf filled with 100 blank books. My goal is to read at least 100 books by the end of the year. So the way this tracker works is every time I finish a book I will color in a book on the tracker. Hopefully I will have it all colored in by the end of the year! I also added a bonus section for if I read over 100.

Money Tracker: My money tracker is to help me save money this year. I want to save $800 by the end of the year. So as the amount I have saved matches a number on the tracker I will color in that square.

Weight Tracker: Another huge goal this year is to lose a total of 50 pounds! So to track this I wrote my starter weight all the way down to my goal weight. As I hit a number I will color it in to show my progress.

The reason I did these trackers is to have a visual representation of how I am doing throughout the year when it comes to reaching my goals. I am a very visual person, and I think seeing my progress on these trackers will help to motivate me because obviously I want the pages to be all colored in at the end of the year. Some times it is easy to get discouraged when you are working on a long term goal, and I think this will help to keep me motivated. I have these on my wall along with my white board where I keep a inspiring quote wrote down to wake up to every day.

inspo board

Why You Should Keep a Planner Too ~

I think every one can benefit from keeping some type of planner or journal. Here are a few reasons why I find it to be beneficial.

  • Keeps you organized
  • Helps you use your time more effeciently
  • Reduces stress
  • Helps you remember more and forget less
  • Increases your motivation/productivity

Honestly having a planner really helps to better manage your life in my personal opinion. Since I have started planning on a regular basis I am not nearly as stressed out, I don’t forget important dates, I am more motivated to more done in a day, and I have so much more time than I used to. My planner has seriously changed my life! Things are so much easier when they are already planned out in advance.

Well beauties, that is all for this one! I hope you all enjoyed this post even though it was not makeup related. I also hope that is was helpful to some of you who are maybe thinking about starting a planner. Thank you so much for spending part of your day with me, and I will be back soon.

Let me know below how you stay organized!

Kayle Jo ~

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  1. Hope this week goes better for you! I love your trackers, they look amazing! And now I have to look more into the Erin Condren planner maybe for next year. Also, I’ve nominated you for the liebster award if you want to check that out on my page 🙂

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