New Wet and Wild Palettes Review!

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wet and wild pallete

Hello Beauties!

How is everyone doing??

I have been a very busy bee as of lately. So much going on with life, my full time job, and very big things coming for the blog! I am so excited, and I am hoping that things are only going to go up from here!

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Getting into today’s post I am super excited to talk about these new Wet and Wild Palettes! If you are excited to hear why I love these so much just keep on scrolling!

Rosé In The Air


Nude Awakening


Product Information

  • Retails for only $4.99
  • Four separate ten pan palettes
  • Reformulated to be powerfully pigmented and buttery soft
  • 100% cruelty free

My Thoughts

These palettes are mind blowing good! I have in complete honesty not been this excited about eyeshadow from the drug store in a long time. The quality of these palettes is comparable to high-end products. I cannot recommend these enough!

The packaging is pretty basic. Nothing to spectacular which is expected from any drug store brand. Drug store brands tend to put money into the product rather than the packaging which is fine with me. One thing I do like on these is that the lid does open pretty far. It does not wrap all the way around, but it does open a decent amount making the palette easy to use.

The reason I recommend these to all my readers is the simple fact that the formula on these is absolutely flawless! The eyeshadows definitely have that powerful pigment that Wet and Wild was aiming for when they reformulated them. These shadows certainly pack a punch!

The application of the eyeshadows is incredibly easy. They honestly blend like a dream. The buttery shadows apply smooth, pigmented, and the blending process is effortless. I honestly think these are great palettes for anyone, but especially those new to makeup because it makes the process of creating an eye look simple.

The shadows do have quite a lot of powder kick up, but I don’t find that to be a problem. If kick back is a pet peeve for you then I would pass on these. However, in my opinion the kick back is no big deal because the shadows look so good on the eyes. They honestly look way better on the eyes than they do swatched.

There is also such a great shade range. I picked up two of the palettes that I saw myself using the most, but now I want to go get the others. You have everything to create natural looks, dark smokey looks, and even fun pops of color. Any look you want to do there is a way to get it with these palettes!

If that isn’t enough to convince you to buy this right now the price certainly should be! These palettes retail for only $4.99 each! I don’t know how Wet and Wild makes any money on these because they are worth so much more! I would pay high-end prices for this formula. So the fact that they are affordable makes it even better!

These palettes have definitely become a go to for me. I recommend them because I know you won’t be disappointed in them. If you’re looking for high quality eyeshadows for an affordable price then look no further. Go buy one of these palettes to try out!


I hope you all enjoyed this review! Thank you so much for spending time with me here on my blog. I appreciate it so much! If you have tried these palettes let me know your thoughts.

Kayle Jo ~

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