Update on the Blog, Life, etc.

Hello Everyone! 

My oh my, it has been a minute since I sat down to blog. I have so much to update everyone on, and the biggest thing I need to mention is the obvious name change! Sadly I have lost all my followers, and have to start building that back up, but I went from Distressed Beauty to Kayle’s Quirky Corner. So if you once followed Distressed Beauty I would love to have you join me again, and of course I welcome all new readers!

So I am just going to jump right into explaining everything that has led me to this post right here, and I sure hope you all will be joining me again in the future!

When I first started my blog its sole purpose was to serve as a beauty blog. I am very passionate about makeup, and I decided I wanted to share that with the world. So I came up with the name Distressed Beauty, and I started writing to the world. I did that for well over a year, and let me tell you I enjoyed every moment. However, there came a time that I wanted to do everything I could to boost my blog, and I was advised to transfer all my content to a site called Bluehost.

A couple of months ago when I got the money together (It was super EXPENSIVE) I decided to make the move, and that is when all the trouble started. First, it was a nightmare to get everything transferred over, and there was times I thought I had lost all my content. I was constantly talking to customer service on bluehost, and they were quite literally no help at all. Finally, a friend at work got me some much appreciated help so that I could again view my site.

Once the nightmare seemingly came to an end I was ready again to sit down, and get to putting out new exciting content. However, after all that money spent I started to realize I was not getting any new benefits. I was literally getting the same service I got when I started on WordPress except they had terrible customer service. I then began to realize that they did have new offers for me, but they needed me to pay them more money. Long story  short I realized after a month that the switch was not good, and I requested a refund. Since a month had went by I only got part of my money back, and then my site was back to WordPress just like it started.

You would think my problems ended there, but no it was not that simple. By the time I finally got back to my square one I was beyond frustrated. Blogging stopped being fun, and became an added stress in my already stressful life. Since I was not having fun with it anymore I decided I needed a break from blogging completely.

During that break I started to realize that in my mind I still loved makeup, but it wasn’t the only thing I wanted to talk about, but my name pretty much restricted me to talking only about makeup. I found that as I grew as a person, and things in my life changed the ideas about my blog changed too. However, my blog name did not allow for that growth to actually take place.

Once I came to that realization I decided I was officially done with blogging. I was ready to delete my site, and just forget it all ever happened. I was being incredibly narrow-minded, and I assumed since my blog name didn’t allow for growth that meant I was just done blogging. Man I sure wish present me could tell past me how stupid she was being!

When something is broken it doesn’t mean we should just throw it out immediately. Especially when it is something you have spent years putting time and effort into. Sure there are some things in life that are just broken beyond repair, but you should always try to fix them before you give up on them.

Once I got my mindset back to the positive place it needed to be in I realized I did not have to give up blogging. I realized the option was always there to change my blog name to something more fitting, and that allowed for growth. Hence where Kayle’s Quirky Corner was born.

So you may be thinking what can we expect for future content on this blog. I will always have posts about makeup. I do want to expand my content, but makeup is still a passion that I intend to share. As far as other content, I want to start doing more lifestyle content, diys, book reviews, and more serious topics too. I am viewing this new start as a anything is possible type of situation. I want this blog to grow and thrive, and continue to be a place for me to express my thoughts, passions, and more. So I hope that you will join me on this journey!

Feel free to check out my social media to get to know me better or leave me a comment just to say Hi. I can’t wait to interact with new readers. Thank you so much for taking time to read in my little corner!

Kayle Jo 


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