Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…

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I am super excited for today’s post because I am finally talking about a book that has totally changed my way of thinking! I picked up Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff by Richard Carlson months ago, but only recently did I finally read it. I wish I read it sooner for sure because it has been a tremendous help to me.

If you struggle with anxiety, over thinking, negative thoughts, etc. then you will definitely benefit from reading this. In the beginning it may seem silly, but by the end you will totally see how helpful it really can be. I recommend everyone to read this book.

If you’d like to hear my full thoughts about not sweating the small stuff then keep on scrolling!

small stuff boolk

I purchased the paper back version of this book for $16 USD. The price is definitely not bad, and I really think it is worth even more than that to be honest. Dr. Richard Carlson is the author of many books all in the Don’t Sweat category. This is his first book that I have read, and let me tell you it has been wanting to buy all the others.

I don’t even know what words to use to fully explain how much this book has helped me. When you first start reading the book you almost feel like it is full of silly clichés that will never work. However, when you start really putting all the chapters into practice you realize how much they help.

Now I am not saying it is going to be easy, or that the change comes over night. Because let’s be honest things don’t fall apart in a day, and they definitely don’t fall back together in a day. It will take time, practice, failed attempts, and retries. It will take work for this book to help you, but I promise if you put the work in you will find yourself in an ultimate state of peace. Your thinking changes, your approach changes, and most of all your perspective changes.

One of my favorite things about this book is its repetitive nature. It is a proven fact that repetition helps you to remember things better. This book has a total of 100 chapters in it, and throughout those chapters the same content is constantly brought back up while new information is brought up as well. It all connects together like a giant puzzle, and as the chapters continue you find concepts being explained in more detail the second or third time they are mentioned.

I felt as he built on those concepts it helped to lock them in place in my mind. I now find that on a daily basis my mind refers back to what I read in his book. Now that doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t fall back into my negative mind-set. I most certainly do because I’m only human, and perfection is not possible. The important part, which I learned from this book, is that no matter how many times you revert back to negative thoughts you can always stop that snow ball effect and get back on track.

Since reading this book I have found that my stress is greatly reduced. I’m not over thinking situations as much which is a huge accomplishment for me. I’m also looking at the world in a more positive light. For the first time I really understand the saying that the world is like a mirror, smile at it and it smiles back, but frown at it and it will certainly frown back. Life truly does get so much easier when you learn not to sweat the small stuff.

Why My Book Has Tabs

open books

This is the type of book that I will read over and over again. I even want to find the cd version of this so that I can listen to it in my car. The content of this book would be such a great positive start to my day along my drive to work. So even though I want to continue to read this book I also wanted to make a quick reference guide of it. So I took tabs, and I labeled 24 chapters of the book that I can quick reference from time to time to help get me back on track. I loved all the chapters, but I feel that the 24 I tabbed are the ones that will really help me.

The chapters I tabbed are:

  • Chapter 3 let go of the idea that gentle relaxed people can’t be super achievers
  • Chapter 4 be aware of the snowball effect of your thinking
  • Chapter 6 remind yourself that when you die your “in basket” won’t be empty
  • Chapter 12 let others be “right” most of the time
  • Chapter 13 become more patient
  • Chapter 16 ask yourself the question “will this matter a year from now?”
  • Chapter 20 once a week write a heartfelt letter
  • Chapter 21 Imagine yourself at your own funeral
  • Chapter 34 practice random acts of kindness
  • Chapter 37 choose being kind over being right
  • Chapter 56 be greatful when you’re feeling good and graceful when you’re feeling bad
  • Chapter 66 think of what you have instead of what you want
  • Chapter 67 practice ignoring your negative thoughts
  • Chapter 71 quiet the mind
  • Chapter 74 do a favor and don’t ask for or expect one in return
  • Chapter 78 cut yourself some slack
  • Chapter 87 redefine a meaningful accomplishment
  • Chapter 92 realize the power of your own thoughts
  • Chapter 93 give up on the idea that more is better
  • Chapter 94 keep asking yourself whats really important
  • Chapter 95 trust your intuitive heart
  • Chapter 97 mind your own business
  • Chapter 98 look for extraordinary in the ordinary
  • Chapter 100 live this day as if it were your last, it might be

Reading this book has helped me to`realize that I don’t have to give in to negative thoughts. When something is upsetting me I have the power to let it go. One bad moment does not have to make a whole bad day. My mind is my own worst enemy. So many times I have over thought a small situation into a gigantic one, and now I know there are ways to stop that. I’ve learned that it is okay if the day ends without me getting everything done because no matter what there will always be something else needing done. I could go on and on about the things I learned from this book.

I can honestly say that this book has helped me grow as a person. I have grown up so much the past months, and this book really played a part in that. I truly believe that everyone can take something from this book that will make their life easier. Something that will help give them a peace of mind. This book doesn’t have some crazy amazing plot twist, but it is has so much more. If you let it, it can help change your life.

If ever I was lucky enough to meet Dr. Richard Carlson I would have to tell him thank you for writing this book. Don’t sweat the small stuff really made a difference.


Thank you so much for reading my review! I hope that you enjoyed it, and I hope you will give this book a try. I really appreciate you stopping by my little corner. Thank you again for spending part of your evening with me, and I will be back soon!

Kayle Jo


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