The Woman in the Window

Hello Everyone!

Today I am excited to bring you another book review! I have so much to say about this one that I can barely contain my excitement!

If you’re into thriller books that are full of plot twists then this will definitely be your type of book! It has a rocky start, but by the end it is mind-blowing.

If you’re interested to hear more just keep on scrolling! Be cautioned, I try not to spoil too much, but there may be a spoiler or two in the review.

Woman in the window

This is the first book I have read from A.J. Finn, and I have to admit I am so glad I picked this one up at the book store. I tend to go throughout the book store, and just pick up things that draw my attention. I do tend to lean more towards thriller books because I am a sucker for a good plot twist. However, I don’t usually seek a certain author which is how I ended up with a book by A.J. Finn.

When I first started reading the book I have to admit that I nearly put it back down. The beginning is incredibly boring, and very slow to build up to anything of much interest. The first 40 chapters are more of background information than anything interesting. When you read the description of the book you are expecting a heart racing read, but you don’t get that until after chapter 40. However, in hindsight those beginning chapters although boring are very important. Without that information you wouldn’t get some of the later plot twists, and you wouldn’t make much sense of any of it.

It does have a very slow-paced build up to all the excitement, but trust me it is well worth it. The end of this book is packed full of multiple plot twists, and when you get to the final one your mind is totally blown. This book will certainly make your heart race in the end.

The basis of the book is all about a woman who after facing tragedy has become trapped in her home due to a mental condition called Agoraphobia. The woman passes her time by taking her medications, drinking a whole lot of wine, and watching all the people living outside her windows. The plot twists begin of course when she sees what she believes to be a crime happen in another house.

Now I won’t give any more detail than that in case you are wanting to pick this book up to read. I certainly do not want to spoil any of it for you. Just trust me when I say that while the beginning is slow, and not that interesting it is important. The beginning leads you to what you think is the ultimate plot twist, but the plot just thickens after that.

If you get through the first half of the book then I promise you will find yourself not being able to stop turning the pages. You go from believing one thing to being totally shocked that the author has fooled you to then only to find out that you have been fooled all over again. By the second half of this book it turns into one of those books that you just can’t put down because you have to know what happens next.

Everything that happens in this book is brilliantly tied together. Every piece of information links to the final result of the book, and it is absolute genius. Finn gives you so much to focus on that you never see the ending coming until it smacks you in the face. Then all of sudden in a rush your mind makes all the connections.

This is hands down one of the best books I have read in a long while. I am telling you this is 100% worth your time to read! I recommend this to every thrill seeking reader out there. If you want your mind blown, your heart racing, and one heck of a page turner then go out and buy this book right now. Huge shout out to A.J. Finn for writing this absolute book of genius plot twists!

That is all for today guys! Thank you so much for spending some time in my quirky corner! I hope you enjoyed this review, and if there is something you would like me to review then please comment some book suggestions in the comments! Also if you have read The Woman in the Window please let me know your thoughts! Have a great evening everyone.

Kayle Jo

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