June Boxy Charm Unboxing

Hello Everyone! 


Welcome back to my quirky corner or if it’s your first time here thank you so much for joining me. Today I am bringing you another Boxy Charm unboxing! This is seriously such an exciting box! I recommend it to all those who love beauty because it is the box that gives you the most for your money.

“Boxy Charm is a monthly subscription box where you receive 5 to 6 full-sized beauty products that value over $100 for only $21 a month.”

If you’d like to see everything that came in this months box just keep on scrolling!

Reina Del Caribe Pallet by Alamar

eye pallete

This is a palette that was just recently launched as a part of a brand new makeup company, Alamar Cosmetics. I personally would not have went out of my way to purchase this palette. Not because it is bad, but simply because nothing really drew my attention to it. However, I will say that the shades swatch really well. They all are smooth and pigmented. The shimmer shades have a very intense shine to them. The swatches are great, but the real test will be to see how they do on the eyes.

shimmer swatch

matte swatch

Retail Price: $28

Monroe Silk Lashes by Battington


These lashes are gorgeous! I don’t wear lashes very often, but when I do these are definitely a pair that I will go for. They are even length all the way through, and they are very voluminous. They also feel soft, and look close to real lashes. I think these will be beautiful, and I can’t wait to try them out.

Retail Price: $28

Brazilian Bum Bum Cream by Sol De Janeiro

bum bum cream

I was really excited to see this in the box. I have heard so much about this cream, and I was super excited to try it out. The only product I have tried out so far is this one, and sadly it disappointed me. The cream is good, and felt like it really hydrated my skin. The only problem I had was the scent. It has a very strong scent to it, and I am a little sensitive to scent at times due to migraines. Therefore, I won’t really use this because it can trigger a migraine for me. However, if you don’t mind strong scents then you will love this cream.

Retail Price: $10

3 Piece Flawless Complexion by Luxie


I was so excited to see more Luxie brushes! Boxy Charm features Luxie a lot, and I have loved all the brushes I have received so far. I haven’t had a chance to try these out just yet, but I am excited to put them to use. I know that these will be great quality because I am never disappointed in Luxie. Plus it is great that we got a set of three. This kit comes with a precision foundation face brush 660, a tapered highlighting face brush 522, and a duo fiber powder brush 516.

Retail Price: $42

Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil by Jonteblu


Eyeliner swatch

I have seen this brand in the box before; I think the last time it was a lip liner. Not the greatest quality, but definitely something that is usable. The eyeliner came in a charcoal color which is a very pretty deep gray. I don’t reach for grey eyeliner very often, but I am willing to give it a try. Might just become a new favorite.

Retail Price: $5

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick by Ofra


lipstick swatch

Ofra has a great lipstick formula! The formula is very comfortable to wear all day long, and they do last a good amount of time. If you don’t like the drying feel of liquid lipstick then you will love this formula. The only downfall for me is that it does still transfer. Not a terrible thing, but for me it does keep me from grabbing them all the time. However, I do still use them when I want something more comfortable. This shade Verona is a gorgeous warm brown. I definitely have some looks in mind where this will compliment the eyes perfectly.

Retail Price: $21

Overall Value of the Box: $134


Thank you again so much for joining me in my quirky corner! I hope you enjoyed this months unboxing! Please let me know your thoughts on these products! I love to hear other’s experiences with products. Enjoy your evening everyone!

Kayle Jo

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