Do We Ever Really Know What Goes On Behind Closed Doors?

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Correct behind closed doors

Today I am reviewing yet another fiction thriller book that poses the question “do we really ever know what happens behind closed doors?”. If you haven’t noticed by now I am a major thriller book fan. I am just such a sucker for plot twists and endings that blow my mind.

This one, in particular, haunted me in a way only few can because of the chilling fact that it isn’t too far fetched to happen in real life. If you’d like to hear more on this home run of a book then just keep on scrolling!

WARNING Possible Spoilers Up Ahead!

I admittedly am new to B.A. Paris as an author, but I have to say I am now addicted. I have already purchased another book of hers to read. As usual, I picked up Behind Closed Doors as I was browsing through random books at the bookstore. The description of the book sounded promising. It starts out by saying that everyone knows a couple like Jack and Grace. The seemingly perfect and sickly in love couple that is always joined at the hip. Admit it, as you read that someone in your life popped right into your head!

However, since I found this book in the thriller/horror section I knew there had to be a dark twist. Are they really the perfect couple, or is there something much more sinister going on when people are no longer in sight? Of course, the obvious answer is that something sinister is definitely happening, but you can’t imagine just how sinister it really can be behind closed doors.

At first, you really think that this book is going to jump the gun and let you know the plot end way too quickly. Each chapter switches back and forth from present Grace perspective to past Grace perspective. Therefore, rather quickly you start to see the sinister secret that hides behind the Angel’s doors. Nearly immediately you know that something is way off about this supposed to be perfect relationship. So at first, I found some disappointment because I felt that I already knew the end result. However, don’t let this book fool you. Despite quickly learning that everything is not okay you still are on your toes the entire book.

As I read through the chapters I really felt a connection to Grace. B.A. Paris does a fantastic job of reeling you into everything that Grace goes through so that you not only feel sympathy for her, but you also begin to feel like you are her. The more you read into her past and present situation the more you find yourself wanting to help this woman who is only in a book. By the end, I felt like Grace was a dear friend for whom I would do anything to help. To me, that is the best kind of book. When you connect to the characters as if they are real people in your life.

There are many moments in Behind Closed Doors that you wish you could jump into the book to expose Jack Angel for the sinister and cruel person that he is, and save Grace from her torture. Jack really is a true face of evil. His character does not have remorse, and his well thought out plan is truly disturbing. Part of what really gets you is the past chapters where it explains how Jack and Grace first met. In those chapters, Jack is full of charm, and truly is everything that a woman would want in a relationship. He quickly sweeps Grace off her feet and takes the reader right with her. Therefore, when Grace comes crashing back down, again, the reader goes with her.

I really imagined what it would be like to find myself in a scenario like Grace’s. The more I imagined the more I wanted to rescue her. Part of what makes this book incredibly eerie is the fact that it could really happen. We meet new people nearly every day of our lives. A few of those people become regular faces in our lives, and we begin to think we really know them. However, how well do we really know them? The fact is we know what people choose to tell us, and that may not always be the truth.

The cruel reality is the world is full of Jack Angels. A man or woman could easily be charming, and sweep someone off their feet. You can live in total bliss thinking you have found that perfect love, but then just like in this book it can all turn sinister. You can find out that the person you have fallen in love with is simply wearing a mask. The true monster only to be revealed much too late.

Truly ask yourself, can we ever really know what goes on behind closed doors? We never know every detail and secret of the people’s lives around us. What seems perfect may actually be far from it. There is a chilling reality to Behind Closed Doors that makes it very real. That right there is enough for me to recommend it to everyone. This book will give you an emotional, adventurous, and incredible read. I find Behind Closed Doors to be a true page turner where you will find yourself immersed in the story. You will connect to the characters, imagine if you were there, and feel yourself fighting for the characters. This is a must read! Great job B.A. Paris on creating not only a book but also an incredible adventure.


Thank you all so much for checking out my book review. I truly hope that you enjoyed it. I appreciate you spending part of your day in my corner of the web. Have a great evening readers!

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