Adding a Fun Pop of Color!

Hello Everyone!

undone small dresser

undone big dresser

Today I am excited to show you how I took two old dressers and gave them a fun new pop of color!

Lately, I have been really into doing different DIY projects. I have taken a special interest in building my own furniture pieces as well as restoring old pieces.

It has honestly become one of my new favorite hobbies to help fill up my spare time. I am a true busy body so I constantly need things to keep me busy.

This project actually only took two days, but it easily could have been done in one day if I had chosen to do it that way.

Also, it was a very cheap project. The only expense I had in this was the paint. Now I made the mistake of buying a quart of paint, but honestly, I used maybe a 1/4 of it. Therefore you could easily spend even less by buying a smaller paint option or using some you already have. Even with doing two coats you use a very small amount of paint.

So getting into the story, these dressers are rather old. They once were a brown stained shade, but eventually got painted black. I put these into my room because I really love black furniture. My room is done all in tones of gray with black furniture. Not sure why I love it so much, but that is always what I have gravitated towards. I have been adding pops of color into the room with works of art, my comforter, and now my dressers!

I chose a teal/ aqua shade because that is also a favorite a color of mine, and I think it really stands out against the black. A lovely lady I met through work has done some gorgeous paintings for me that brings in some of these fun colors. I truly love the way it has turned out.

One option you have when doing a project like this is to make the project look distressed. Now I did not choose to do that, but I did want to show you all how it looks.

antique look version

As you can see in the picture this technique looks a bit more aged than an opaque color would look. The other thing I loved about this was that it almost faked a wood grain pattern which I thought looked really cool.  I achieved this look by doing a very light coat of paint which allowed it to streak. As the streaks formed the black underneath showed through since I did not sand these at all before starting. If you enjoy this look you could totally stop here, but I decided to add a second coat.

The less paint you use the more streaks you achieve which makes it look more distressed. This also gives each dresser drawer a unique look. Again, this is very pretty, but I am more into modern design than farmhouse design. Therefore, though I like this look it didn’t fit with everything else I was doing in the room.

small dresser done

finsihed big dresser

Here the dressers are after I had completed them. This is two full coats of paint which you can see gives it a nice opaque color. Doing two coats also gave a more uniform look to all the drawers. I personally preferred this opposed to the aged look.

The color is slightly different in person than it showed on camera, but it is close. I love how bright this aqua/teal shade is especially against the black. I contemplated changing the main dresser color, but I am very glad my stubborn love for black furniture won the battle in my head.

I think the black helps the color pop, and it also tones it down at the same time so there’s not too much color going on.

Originally, I wanted to switch out all the knobs to a simple matte black knob. However, as I looked around I quickly realized that would cost more than I was willing to put into this project at the time. So unless I find an amazing deal on knobs they won’t be changing any time soon.

Instead, I decided to take the same knobs that were on it, and update those a bit.

knob close up

The knobs first had black beads in them, but a lot of them had fallen out over time. I decided that since some of them were missing I would take them all out, and then replace them with glass teal beads I had in my collection.

At first, this was an easy task as a lot of the beads were barely stuck. However, there were a few of the beads that were holding on for dear life! I literally ended up having to lightly tap them with a hammer then take a knife to scrape out the rest of it. This was certainly not the most fun part of the project, but I do think it was worth it.

Now all the knobs have matching beads, and I could not have accepted it any other way. I actually am happy with the way they turned out, and I think it looks really good. Now that the project is done I’m not sure that I would want to have matte black knobs.

That is all for today’s post. I sure hope you enjoyed it! Thank you so much for joining me, and have a fantastic day!

“Tell me about your furniture projects in the comments! I’d love to hear your experiences!”

~Kayle Jo



2 thoughts on “Adding a Fun Pop of Color!

  1. I love the color and yes the light coats make me think of painting with watercolor. Wait did you mention why the change of adding color? I love color and that’s what attracted me to your post.

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