Fall Decor and A Life Update

Hello everyone, welcome to my quirky corner!


My oh my the last few weeks have been crazy! Just when I thought that things were coming together life threw me a few of those ever so fun curve balls. Don’t you just love when that happens?

fall cart

A few weeks back I caught the nasty stomach flu, and I was horribly sick. I could not eat for four days and barely could keep down any fluids. I ended up missing almost a whole week of work because of it. Then the lack of eating triggered my chronic migraines to flare up so then I had to deal with extra migraines on top of the flu. Then to top it all off it also resulted in an infection in my jaw which I had to go get antibiotics for because my jaw was in so much pain that I could barely eat, and my cheek was so swelled that my teeth were cutting into it. So needless to say I am beyond thankful to finally be feeling some kind of normal again.

The only thing that I did accomplish while being sick was starting to get the house decorated for Fall. My most favorite time of year to decorate is definitely for Fall and Halloween. I love this time of year, and I think the decorations are gorgeous. So I was eager to start decorating. I haven’t got everything up yet, but I did get started which is the pictures displayed throughout this post.



The near week I spent out of work put me so far behind! The stress was insane when I came back! Plus, I knew that I would be leaving soon so I wanted things to be in the best condition for the next manager. I am not the type to leave things undone for someone else to clean up for me.

So I was busting my butt trying my hardest to get things in order. There was a lot to catch up on after being out. I was exhausted at the end of each day, and my mood was not the greatest. I was waking up immediately in a terrible mood. I started my day on a bad note, and as the day went it only got worse.

However, I somehow managed to make it through it. Then I used the weekend to relax. I went to get my hair touched up which I hadn’t done in a while. I am still getting the purple done in my hair. I can’t help it, but I am obsessed with the purple right now. It was really nice to spend the day at the salon with my stylist. She is so great at distracting me from everything that stresses me out. She is just the best! I can actually relax while I am there, and my mind gets to take a break from all the overthinking it does.

After getting my hair done I decided to spoil my puppy some more! She got a bunch more toys and a cute new sweater for when the weather gets cold. She definitely is spoiled beyond belief. Then Sunday was the cleaning and laundry day. I literally did the least amount I had to do. I needed the rest.

Today was a good day though. I started my new job today which was a breath of fresh air, and so very exciting! I am still working for the same company I will just be managing a different area. I feel more at home in this area, and I feel like this is where I am meant to be. I was not stressed out today, I was not in a bad mood, I did not once say I wished I could go home, and those are all major wins.


Today was a good day. I feel like it is a new start, and I am hoping that things start looking up from here. There have been so many downs for me the past few months that I really need things to get better. I really don’t have anyone to go to when things are not going well. The one person who I thought I would have forever I don’t have now. He was my rock, and I was sure that there would never be a day that he grew tired of having me in his life. But the thing is that life happens, and people change. When people face hardships of their own sometimes they can’t be your rock anymore. And being my own rock is proving to be difficult.

So hopefully things will look up from here. Thank you so much for checking in on my quirky corner! I appreciate it so much! Check back soon for some fun unboxings!

Kayle Jo


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