Erin Condren Seasonal Surprise Box

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cover photo erin ccondren

How is everyone doing on this lovely first day of October? I have to admit that I had a very rough day, and I am ready for it to come to an end. However, the worst of it is at least over, and now I can relax watching The Andy Griffith Show.

So as I drink a hot cup of tea, enjoy one of my favorite black and white shows, and relax a bit I am going to share a new subscription type box with all of you! If you are a stationary nerd like myself then you will definitely want to learn more about this seasonal box full of stationary goodies!

Fall Box Theme Autumn Sparkle

If you haven’t heard of Erin Condren you should definitely check out her website! This is the company that I buy my yearly planner from, and it is by far the best planner I have ever used. So when I saw that they do a seasonal surprise box I definitely wanted to try it out. They do these boxes once each season, and the cost is $34 USD. It is kind of like a subscription box, but you only purchase the current season’s box. It isn’t a renewal type of service. There is also only a limited amount of them available so you have to grab them quickly because I noticed that they do sell out fast.

Designer Mechanic Pencil 


The first thing I saw in the box I was initially really excited for, but then my excitement diminished a bit when I realized it was a pencil instead of a pen. Back in my high school days, I would have loved this pencil because it looks so much cooler than the average ones you typically buy. However, now I admit that I rarely use a pencil. I use pens a lot for prepping blogs, journaling, working, etc., but rarely do I find myself reaching for a pencil. It is still a nice item to get in the box because it is really good quality, and a lot of people would find a use for it. I will likely pass it along to someone I know who bullet journals or draws a lot since they will use it more than me.

Value $8

Interchangeable Metallic Cover

planner cover

I am in love with this cover! It is beautiful, and perfect for this time of the year! I was excited to see this show up in the box because it is definitely something that I will use on my current life planner.

However, I do admit that I don’t think this should have been included in the box. There are a lot of people who may be interested in the box who don’t shop the Erin Condren planners or who have the hardback planner both of which would have no use for the interchangeable cover. Therefore, there is a limited amount of consumers of this box that would actually need this product.

So I do love it and will use it, but it wasn’t the most practical addition to the box.

Value $13

Metallic Asterisk Clutch 


This is by far my favorite item in the box! I am in love with the rich burgundy color that screams Fall to me! Obviously, since this is a stationary themed box this clutch is intended for stationary, but you could use it for all sorts of things. I will definitely be adding this into my purse to carry makeup around because I want to carry this with me every day. The quality is amazing! You can tell it was made really well and looks like it will hold up over time. This clutch will get a lot of use.

Value $20

Sticker Sheet Duo


Fall stickers! I have really got into using stickers throughout my planner on a monthly and weekly basis. So I was really excited to get Fall themed stickers to incorporate into the mix. Right now the only sticker I have been using have been basic stickers that can be used at any time of the year, but now I may have a whole new addiction to seasonal stickers. I have already used almost all of these in my planning for October! I went just a tad bit overboard with stickers trying to be Fall themed and Halloween themed. I think these were a great addition to the box!

Value $7

Scalloped Sticky Notepad 

sticky notes

Who doesn’t need sticky notes? I am definitely the type of person that forgets everything if I don’t write it down which is exactly why I have a planner. However, I also use sticky notes a lot too both at home and at work. They are just so handy to quickly jot down a note and stick it in a place where I will easily see it to ensure I will not forget because let’s face it even when I write things down I still tend to forget them. I think these are another great addition to the box. They are something I will use a lot, and I enjoy that they look different than the typical sticky note. Sometimes I like things to just look a bit different.

Value $6

Metallic Foiled Washi Tape


The washi tape I was on the fence about to be completely honest. I don’t use washi tape very often so that made me a little unexcited about it. However, I am wanting to dive more into decorating my planner, and perhaps washi tape could become a part of that so in a way it was exciting to get some to experiment with. Either way, it is a great item for the box because a lot of people do use washi tape, and it is gorgeous! The picture does not do it justice. The blue is the most gorgeous metallic color, and it does inspire me to use it somehow.

Value $4

Seasonal Card 2 Pack 


This is definitely my second favorite item in the box! I absolutely love to leave people random thank you notes or just notes of appreciation to make their day better. These two cards are perfect for that! They are gorgeous designs, and then the inside is just blank for you to fill in with anything you want. So you could use these for any type of card that you wanted to. I am such an old soul, I still like to write people letters, and I think that random cards are still important. So this is definitely my type of thing, and I actually want to order some more from her because I have a feeling there are a lot of other beautiful designs to choose from!

Value $6

Total Box Value $64

Overall I was really happy with this box! I thought that it was worth the price that you pay. In the end, the value was almost double what you paid, therefore, you certainly get your money worth. I was also happy with the products that I received. There are a few that I won’t use or that didn’t capture my attention as much as the others, but that is to be expected with any subscription box. I was very excited about the clutch, the stickers, the interchangeable cover, and the seasonal cards. So for me, this was a winner, and I would definitely be willing to buy this again if I caught it in stock!

Thank you so much for spending time here in my quirky corner with me! I sure do hope you enjoyed this post, if you did, let me know by clicking that like button on the bottom of the screen! Enjoy the rest of your day!

Kayle Jo






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