Emma In The Night

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I hope everyone is having a great day! It’s an alright evening here for me just doing my best to keep warm!  I swear time is flying by so fast! Seriously how is October already almost over? I feel like I blinked and October is just over. Just a quick life update before I get into the book review, life has been decent as of late. Work is heading into the season of insanity so my stress level is about to become Buddy the Elf when he finds out he’s not an actual elf. However, my health is doing a bit better at the moment which is a massive plus! So that’s how life has been, but now let’s get into why you clicked on this link which is a brand new book review!

*Caution Potential Spoilers, I Try Not To Though*



I found this book on clearance at my local bookstore so I grabbed it! I had never read anything from Wendy Walker, but the plot sounded interesting. It wasn’t one of those books that I just had to own! I honestly kept debating about it. In the end, I obviously did get the book.

Starting off the book really hooked me. One thing that roped me into the story quick is the fact that one of the lead points of views is that of a psychologist, and for those who don’t know, I have my bachelors degree in psychology so I immediately could relate to her character. The second part of her character that drew me in is the fact that she focused in on a lot of information on narcissistic personality disorder which was one of my favorite disorders to study. Therefore, the psychological aspects of the story definitely drew me into the plot line and made me want to keep reading.

Throughout three-quarters of the book, the psychological twists are what keep you interested in my opinion. The story is very interesting. Three years ago two sisters go missing in the middle of the night with no leads to how they could have possibly been together or where they could have gone. Then suddenly only one sister shows back up at the front door with quite the story to tell. That alone is a good story, but it is what happens when Cass, the sister that comes back, returns that things get truly interesting. You find yourself questioning everything. What happened to Emma? Then there is the fact that you know the story Cass is telling is not completely true because the author makes it painfully obvious that there are parts left out. The problem is that you start to question if Cass is leaving things out because she hurt Emma or if she just truly doesn’t remember everything. Then there is the narcissistic mother, perverted stepfather, and stepbrother that all seem to be guilty of something too. This whole part had me flipping through the pages excitedly trying to get to the end because I wanted and needed to know what happened to Emma! Plus I wanted to know this family’s secrets because man oh man did they have some seriously twisted secrets!

However, my excitement stopped so quickly it was like I slammed right into a brick wall that appeared right out of thin air! The ending to this book is incredibly rushed. There is all this build up and anticipation for this big ending, and then the end is lackluster. The last five chapters or so wrap it up way too quickly. As far as plot twists go this was not a good one in comparison to others. I love a good plot twist that makes me want to throw the book, but this one did not even come close. It was indeed a plot twist, but not a great one. Not after all the building up the author did to get to it. Plus from a realistic standpoint, the ending would never actually happen in life because legally it would not happen.  For me, the ending few chapters just ruined the whole book. I really loved it until those last chapters. It seemed like the author just ran out of time or got tired of writing so just rushed to get it finished. I feel like the ending could have gone in such a better direction. The book had such great potential, and that potential was not met which makes me so disappointed.

I give this book 3 out of 5 stars. If you find it on clearance like I did then it may be worth picking up, but I would not say it is worth full price. Some may love this book, everyone has their own taste in books. I am a hardcore thriller fan, and for me, this one just didn’t compare to others in my collection. Honestly, if I were to recommend this to anyone I would say it would be more for teens.

Thank you so much for stopping by and spending some time in my quirky corner with me! I truly appreciate it! I hope you enjoyed the book review! Have a fantastic day!

Kayle Jo 

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