My Go to Daily Makeup Look

Hello Everyone! Welcome back to my quirky little corner of the web! How has everyone been? Life has been decent for me here. I was on a staycation the past ten days which was absolutely marvelous! I needed some time away from work for sure. However, I am now back to work and of course back to blogging as well. To start off I thought it would be perfect to share an updated version of my go-to daily makeup look featuring my current most loved products. So let’s jump into it!


Starting out with the base, I have been loving the Hourglass veil mineral primer. I used to use this primer every day, but it fell to the back of my collection as I was trying new things. Recently I grabbed it again and I have not been able to put it back down. It gives me a smooth base to build on, and it keeps me matte all day without drying out my skin. This will forever be one of my favorite top primers.


When it comes to foundation I am always a full coverage queen. If I am taking the time to do my makeup I want as much coverage as possible even for a simple day to day look. My favorite foundation combination lately has been the Loreal infallible fresh wear in shade 420 mixed with the NYX can’t stop won’t stop in light porcelain. I loved the Loreal foundation on its own, but I have not found a shade of it that looks right on me. So I mixed in the NYX just for shade purposes, but I ended up loving what it did with the formula too! It gives me great coverage, looks smooth, and lasts all day! I couldn’t ask for more.


My holy grail concealer is the BH Cosmetics studio pro total coverage concealer in shade 100. I will forever use this as my go-to concealer. It has amazing coverage which I need because my dark circles are intense, and it is only $7 at Ulta. I am all for an affordable product that is full coverage. It doesn’t crease on me or look dry under my eyes. It is just the most perfect concealer.


The powder I have been using to set my face for a while now has been the Maybelline fit me loose setting powder in the shade 05. This product is a good product, but I do admit that it is far from holy grail. I have been using it lately just to use it up before I buy something new to try. However, this is a nice powder that sets everything well and helps to keep me matte throughout the day. I do wish it was a translucent powder, but as long as your not too much lighter than me you could still use this one.


My forever day to day holy grail bronzer is the Tarte Parke Ave. Princess. This bronzer is the perfect color for my skin. It is warm enough to bronze me without looking orange, but it is also neutral enough to give me a slight contour as well. Which in my opinion makes it the perfect one and done product for day to day. You get bronzed and sculpted in one step!


My favorite blush lately has been Tarte’s Exposed. It is just the perfect pinky nude for day to day. It gives a nice flush of color without being too bold. The Tarte blush formula is one of my favorites because of how long-lasting it is. Lately, I have reach for Exposed every single day and it never disappoints.


For highlight, I have really been drawn to Ofra’s Rodeo Drive lately. It is an intense gold highlight which is usually the exact opposite of what I look for in a highlight, but something about it has had my attention recently. Despite being gold it isn’t too dark or too yellow for my skin so it actually looks beautiful when it catches the light. So I have really been packing this on and for once enjoying an intense highlight.

Setting Spray

The Milani make it last setting spray is now and forever will be my day to day setting spray. It is simply my favorite. It settles all the powders on my face and melts everything together to give my makeup a smooth look. Plus I notice that it really helps my makeup last throughout the day.


Ever since the day it arrived in my Boxy Charm it has been my holy grail product, and that is my convertible brow 2 palette from the Brow Gal. I love to try brow products all the time, but no matter how many I try I always return to my favorite Brow Gal palette. The color is perfect and the formula is spot on so I will always grab it for my daily looks.

My other go-to brow product is the Anastasia Beverly Hills clear brow gel. Not much to say about it other than it keeps my brows in place all day.


When I have the time I love to do my eyeshadow. However, day to day I don’t have time to do that. Especially since I have to start work early in the morning, and I am far from a morning person. Therefore, on the daily for my eyes, I just go in with mascara. My go-to lately has been the Pur cosmetics fully charged magnetic mascara. I got a sample of it and I have to say it has become a new favorite. It is lightweight on my lashes, but with a few coats, I get really good volume.


Typically for my daily makeup, the only thing I use on my lips is chapstick, but recently I fell in love with a new product. I have been obsessed with the Loreal rouge signature lightweight matte colored ink lipstick in the shade 416 I Create. These lip stains are super lightweight on the lips, they dry completely matte, they don’t transfer, and this color is the perfect daily color. It is literally my lip color but better and because the formula is so lightweight it looks like my lips. I love this formula! No joke I have been wearing this every single day.

Well, guys, that is everything that I have been using for my daily makeup look. It is a super simple look and just as simple to achieve. It is also a fairly quick look to do if you don’t have a lot of time to get ready. I’d love to see your daily makeup looks and hear about your go-to products down in the comments!

Thank you so much for spending time in my quirky corner with me! See you soon.

~Kayle Jo

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