Balance Your Chakras

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my quirky corner of the web I hope you are having a wonderful day! I must say the past couple weeks for me have been quite rough. My health hasn’t been it’s best, and there has just been some stressful things happening!

This week things are slowly winding down to feel semi normal. However, I am still so on edge and I hate that feeling. So one thing I have been reading into is our bodies seven chakras, and how to balance them to overall feel better.

I have already made so many changes to my diet to help my health in that way, but now I want to focus in on mental health which is equally important. Reading into the seven chakras I can tell you now a lot of mine are imbalanced right now which is why I believe I feel so on edge.

Today I want to walk you guys through each of the chakras so you can understand what they are, whether yours are balanced, and if not what you can do to help. I will also share along the way which ones I have balance in and which are imbalanced. If you’re interested in taking this journey of self discovery with me then just keep on scrolling!


The Crown Chakra

The crown chakra located at the crown of the head regulates things such as consciousness, wisdom, imagination, disconnection, and depression. Essentially this is the chakra of your thoughts. When your crown chakra is in balance you are at peace. If you feel joy, a connection to the world, and a clear state of mind then your crown chakra is balanced. However, when you feel hopeless, depressed, anxious, confused, or apathetic your crown chakra is imbalanced. In this category I am very imbalanced. I myself am anxious and struggle with depression. Jasmine and lavender essential oils are said to help with balancing out this particular chakra. Also eating figs, wearing amethyst, and surrounding your space with violets.

The Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra located between the eyebrows regulates intuition, thoughts, dreams, judgement, and sleep. Someone with a balanced third eye chakra would sleep well, be calm, have good judgement, and have intuition. An imbalanced third eye chakra causes a lack of intuition, nightmares, indecisiveness, and confusion. This is one that constantly changes for me. Right now I would say my third eye is balanced, but there is definitely times when it becomes imbalanced easily. It is one I must watch closely. To help balance your third eye use frankincense, jasmine, star anise, and patchouli essential oils.

The Throat Chakra

The throat chakra located in the throat regulates security, leadership, expression, communication, and anxiety. If your throat chakra is balanced then you feel as though you can express yourself freely and you feel secure. However, if it is imbalanced then you will have trouble communicating and feel insecure or anxious. My throat chakra is always balanced. I am the type to express myself in any situation, and I never feel any anxiety about it. If you are struggling use peppermint, geranium, and eucalyptus essential oils to get in balance. Eating blue berries and connecting to the ocean has also been found to help people balance their throat chakra.

The Heart Chakra

The heart chakra located in the heart regulates compassion, connection, love, and safety. If your heart chakra is balanced then you feel that you are loved and you have a connection to others. If your heart chakra is imbalanced then you feel broken, unloved, and disconnected from the world. Lately, my heart chakra is very imbalanced. Right now I would say I am the most disconnected from people that I have ever been in life. To balance the heart use cedarwood, pine, and eucalyptus essential oils. You should also energize your space with green, eat green vegetables, and wear jade.

The Solar Plexus Chakra

The solar plexus chakra located just above the naval regulates fears, sense of power, and gut feelings. If this chakra is balanced you feel a sense of control over dreams and goals. When it becomes imbalanced you feel a loss of control, you don’t trust your gut, and feel helpless. This is another imbalanced chakra for me right now in life. If you want to balance it use rosemary and grapefruit essential oils. Adding lemon to your water, wearing yellow citrine crystal, and decorating your area with yellow can also help.

The Sacral Chakra

The sacral chakra located in the pelvic area regulates confidence, creativity, and sexuality. A balanced sacral chakra allows you to show your creativity, and be confident in the life you’re creating. However, when an imbalance occurs you begin to feel despair, a loss of creativity, and struggle with daily problem solving. I would say my sacral chakra is balanced. To get this chakra back in balance use lemongrass, orange, and neroli essential oils. Energizing your space with orange and adding oranges to your diet can also encourage balance.

The Root Chakra

The root chakra located at the base of the spine is the final of all the chakras. This one regulates security, survival, and instinct. If your root chakra is fully balanced then you likely have high self esteem, confidence, and feel secure in who you are. A person with a imbalanced root chakra will be much more insecure and find it much harder to survive. This is another chakra of mine that waivers back and forth. Right now it is somewhere in the middle which is technically imbalanced. Using ylang ylang, patchouli, and cinnamon essential oils can help to bring back balance.

Another thing that can help you to balance all your chakras is yoga. Each chakra does come with a different yoga pose that is suggested for it as well. I have never tried yoga, but it is certainly on my mind lately.

Balancing your seven chakras (for me) is all about finding your inner peace, and once you find that inner peace life cannot bring you down. I am a firm believer that if you fill your space with positive energy then the world gives positive energy back which is why I have made such a conscious effort to cut negativity out of my life. Life is all about perspective. It will be however you choose to choose to see it. So I want to focus on finding my balance, finding my inner peace, and hopefully good things will continue to come my way.

“The world is like a mirror. Smile at it and it will smile back, but frown at it and it will frown back”

Thank you so much for spending time in my quirky corner of the web!! I truly appreciate every single reader. Feel free to let me know how you find your inner peace, and also I’d love to know which of your chakras are balanced! Have a great evening!

Kayle Jo

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