My Flawless Base

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my quirky corner of the web. I hope all is well with my readers. Some craziness has went down the past couple months of my life, and I am feeling better than ever! I never thought I would thank a bad person for walking into my life, but hey you (you know who you are you sarcastic asshole) thank you so much for using me for a minute! It honestly was what got me to sit back and realize I need to get back to being my true self, and take charge of my life again. Hurts like Hell, still torn up about it, but here’s to getting back on my feet after being down for way too long!

I do plan on doing a full life update post, but I first wanted to get a makeup post put up since it has been a hot minute since I’ve done one. Plus, I am super psyched about this product combination right now! It has been my go to all month, and it is flawless all day long guys! I am telling you it won’t let you down. So let’s just jump right into the products!

My first step is the veil mineral primer by Hour glass. This is one of my most favorite primers because it smooths the skin, and it keeps my skin matte the entire day. If you have oily skin this is definitely a primer for you to try out because it will keep the oil at bay for over twelve hours. This is an essential start to my flawless base because it helps to lock in my makeup, and it ensures that my makeup will look just as good at the end of the day as it did at the start.

My second step is the poreless putty primer by Elf. This is essential because my pores are huge! Thanks a lot mom! Seriously, larger pores run in my family so there was no way I was getting out of having those. This is by far the best primer I have found to fill in my pores before applying my makeup. I only apply this to my cheeks, nose, and right between my brows all where my pores are the most prominent. If you have pores to hide, or just want a smoothing primer I highly recommend this one!

The third step I stumbled upon by accident, but it was the best accident ever! Mixing together Estee Lauder double wear foundation with the Tarte face tape foundation is pure perfection. I found this combination because I bought the face tape in a shade just a bit too light. I can get it to work, but I really wanted it a bit darker. Looking into my foundation collection I needed something that was slightly dark, but that also had good pigmentation and the answer was double wear. This combination is beautiful on the skin, absolute full coverage, and it lasts for well over twelve hours of wear! I literally could not ask for more. This is my foundation dream! It really does create a flawless base.

Elf (AKA the concealer gods) created the most amazing concealer ever! If you want a full coverage, matte, and affordable concealer look no further ladies and gentlemen! Elf has done ended the concealer game with this one. It is absolutely beautiful under the eyes. It is as full coverage as you could ever want or need in a concealer, and it wears very well throughout the day with minimal creasing. The camo concealer is my go to from now on, and I am telling you it is going to take something crazy to get me to switch. I have never been this excited over a concealer. It is just absolutely perfect!

The final thing that locks in this flawless base is the Coty Airspun powder in translucent extra coverage. This is an amazing powder to buy. For starters it is very affordable, and you get a lot of product. I honestly think you could use this powder every day and it will expire long before you ever use half of it. On top of that it gives you a very smooth finish to the skin without looking overly powdery. Even if you have dry skin I think you would like this powder to set your makeup because it isn’t too drying on the skin. It just sets makeup down beautifully. It is a powder I will always go back to no matter how many I try.

*Of course then add your favorite bronzer, blush, and highlight. I only included the products that are staples in my flawless base routine!

The Finished Flawless Base

Thank you guys so much for spending time in my quirky little corner with me! I hope you enjoyed this post. It was great for me to revisit makeup posts which is where I got my start, if you have been with me since the beginning thanks for sticking with me through my evolving and changing blog. I am excited to be including makeup posts back in because at heart that is where my passion still lies, but no worries my serious talks will still be here too.

As I mentioned I am really just starting to fully feel like me again, and I promise you will be seeing that show in my blog posts which will be showing up more frequently again. Thanks again for taking time to read my blog!

Please leave me comments about some of your go to flawless base products!

~Kayle Jo

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