Living Your Best Life

Hello everyone! Welcome back to my quirky corner of the web! How is everyone doing? Hopefully all is well with my readers, but if you find yourself feeling down then I hope this can help to lift your spirits.

Today I am getting really raw with you. I want to not only share a recent life experience that was not so great, but to also share how that lead to me living my best life. I’ve had my blog for so long, and I feel that what it lacks is me sharing my personal trials in life that could potentially help others. So from now on I plan to start baring all my secrets, sorrows, joys, and experiences to share with the world that no matter what you face you are never the only one to face it.

Today’s bare it all story begins a couple months ago when I began talking to a guy that was for the lack of better words my perfect match. Never had I ever met someone so similar to who I am or so I had thought. I suppose you can see anything when you want to bad enough. Our personalities seemed to match perfectly, our sense of humor was perfect, and I thought I had finally found the person that could understand me.

Things were pure bliss except for when they weren’t. Of course I ignored those not so great times because damn it he was perfect. We were meant to be and I refused to see other wise. Until the facts were so blaring in my face that I practically got literal burns. Yep, you may have guessed there was another girl in the picture, and she came out of no where knocking the wind right out of me. That first day I saw her comment to him with kissing faces and heart emojis I nearly screamed out of a mixture of anger and sadness.

Now at first I lashed out with the ever so popular and immature memes with very obvious digs meant for his lying, cheating, betraying ass. I was hurt, I thought he was the worlds worst jerk, and I wanted him to know it without actually talking to him. I stewed over it all for days. I was mad at him for playing me. I was mad at myself for letting myself get played. I was sad for losing a relationship opportunity. I was down and out, but then I started listening to an audio book that helped me change my entire perspective.

That book was You Are a Bad Ass by Jen Sincero. If you have not read this, then stop right now and download the audio book. I highly recommend you listen to this book narrated by Jen because it will change your life. It did mine. Seriously.

I stopped blaming myself for what he did to me. I have come to realize that his need to cheat on women is not my fault or any other woman’s fault. It is because of his own insecurities, his own pain, his own suffering, and his own shortcomings in life that he must mistreat women. The fault is his own and it is a result of the life or lack of life he has. None of it is or ever was my fault. I never did or said anything wrong to make him do this to me, and most important I did not deserve it.

This is the message I want to share with all my readers. If you have been cheated on, lied to, or betrayed let yourself off the hook. Do not waste one more second wondering what you did or said wrong because you are not at fault. It is all the fault of the liar, the cheater, the betrayer. Remind yourself that something within their life has lead them to their actions, and you are not apart of that reasoning. It is important that you know that you are not at fault for the choices of someone else. Set yourself free.

Once I set myself free of that life in general started to be so much happier. My outlook changed on everything because I let go of all my past. I let that weight off my shoulders, and I looked into my future with fresh eyes. I stopped wasting my energy on things that just don’t matter. I stopped being angry about things that I can’t control. I started to write down goals I want to achieve, and steps I can take now to start achieving them. For the first time I feel like I am in the driver seat of my life.

And I owe a thank you to Mr. Lying Cheating Asshole! Because if he hadn’t of done what he did I could have possibly at this moment still been living my mundane miserable existence. I hated my life. However, now I am excited about my life and the direction it is headed. It is like he was a life lesson that I didn’t know that I needed, but I did need it. Now I am living my best life. I’m flying out to a new state next month, looking at new career opportunities, my finances are in line, looking at new houses, meeting new friends, and so much more. I am literally living my best life right now.

Bad things happen to us in life. The important thing is how we come out of them. We do have the choice to dwell on them, blame ourselves, and let them continue to ruin more moments. However, we also have the choice to place blame where it belongs, let go, and embrace the next moment. Life is really short, and I think it is important that we learn to come out of the bad moments ready to embrace the next moment whatever kind it may be. Stop holding on to the people that hurt you because trust me you will be on cloud nine without them.

Life is full of adventures so get to adventuring! Go live your best life too.

~Kayle Jo

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