A Magical Unboxing!

Hello everyone! Welcome back, thank you so much for stopping by my quirky little corner of the web. I hope everyone is doing really well, doing not so bad myself. Life has been a bit crazy as of late so I have been very busy, but now that things are slowing down I am glad to get back into my blog. And today I have a magical start back into it thanks to Geek Gear!

I am so pumped to share with all of you what came in my limited edition house elves themed subscription box from Geek Gear. Spoiler alert, so much magical goodness ahead! If you are a potterhead then you’re in the right place just keep scrolling to see all the magical goodies!

The first thing you see in the box is this cute little card telling you who packed up your box with love and care! I love this idea from a business stand point it really adds a personal touch. So shout out to Geek Gear for doing this and also thank you so much Scott for packing up my box, you did a wonderful job!

The next item was the first of three wearable items in the box! As I mentioned before the theme of this particular box was all about the house elves so this shirt definitely shows house elf pride! Master has given Dobby a sock, Dobby is a free elf. I absolutely love the phrase on this t-shirt, and I am a fan of the color scheme as well. I will for sure be rocking this shirt quite often! Give up your socks guys we need to free the house elves.

The second t-shirt we received I also love! This one actually has a print of Dobby in the middle with the Society Promotion of Elfish Welfare listed at the bottom. I just think it is a super cute design in black and grey. I will be wearing this one a lot too. I love Dobby so of course I am excited to have a shirt with him on it. Also these shirts are very high quality made so I am impressed with that as well.

We also received a pair of magical Dobby socks in this box. I do admit I wasn’t quite as impressed with these. I am always down for some good socks because my feet are always cold, and if you make them magical socks that’s even better! However, even though I can see what they were going for here the Dobby shaped heads on the socks aren’t the best. They don’t completely look like house elves. Like honestly if I didn’t know that this was a house elf theme I wouldn’t have guessed that is what they were right off. However, they aren’t terrible either, and I am sure they will be comfy to wear.

I am so in love with this pin! They included a SPEW pin with the cutest little house elf face, and two little socks on it! I cannot wait to wear this! It really is a high quality well made pin, and I adore it. This is probably my third favorite thing in the box. Whoever designed this pin did a great job on it! It is a wonderful addition to my pin collection, and I can’t get over how cute that face is!

I am so glad they included one of their teas! This one of course is the Free Elf tea which is a apple and lemon blend. I am a huge tea drinker, I blame it on being from the South, lol. Sweet iced tea all day long and hot tea every morning and night so this is the perfect item for me. I have heard amazing things about the Geek Gear teas so I am super excited to give this one a try! Plus A++ on the packaging being super cute!

When I saw this box in the box I was curious what this could possibly be, and when I opened it my excitement went through the roof!

That’s right a replica of Bellatrix’s Dagger!! I am over the moon excited to have this replica. Bellatrix is another one of my favorite characters even if she does kill another favorite of mine. This dagger is beautiful. The carving work they did on it is stunning, the colors are accurate, and it is very well made. This is definitely one of the top items in the box! I already have it displayed on my shelves, and I am just thrilled that this was included.

This licensed by Warner Bros print of Dobby was also included. I do like this print, but it is second best in my opinion and you will see why in a moment. However, this is a really cool print of Dobby that I will be framing. It is always nice to receive licensed merchandise in subscription boxes.

Last but definitely not least my favorite item from the box is this signed poster of Dobby. Huge shout out to the artist of this work because it is stunning! I can’t wait to get this framed and displayed up on my wall. It is so beautiful, Dobby would be proud. Honestly though this is really good artwork, and certainly a piece I am thankful I get to own.

So that is it, the end of all the magical goodies. I am beyond impressed with Geek Gear. This was the first box I ever received from them, and I wasn’t totally disappointed in any of it. I honestly would be interested in getting their monthly subscription that is not limited edition if I lived in the UK. My only problem being in the US is that it did take a lot longer to get my box, and it was also a bit more expensive which is to be expected since I am an international customer. However, you do receive great products, and I do think the box is worth your money if you’re a Harry Potter fan wanting some new items to collect that are exclusive and unique.

Overall, I loved this box! I am very glad that I bought it, and I would consider purchasing others from Geek Gear. I hope you guys enjoyed diving into some magic with me I appreciate you spending time with me so so much! And I’ll be seeing you soon.

~Kayle Jo

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