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Thank you so much for stopping by my page! I’m sure you can tell from the title that today’s post is going to be a book review! It has been a minute since I posted a book review, but trust me I have been reading a lot! Today my focus is all about one of my favorite authors, the one and only, Stephen King. I have admired and respected the mind of Stephen King for as long as I can remember. As an avid reader and writer he is certainly someone I look up to for inspiration.

The book I am talking about as I’m sure you seen is The Outsider. Now I know this book was published over a year ago so it is slightly old news in the world of Stephen King, but I still wanted to give you my thoughts. Books are a major part of my life, and I really want to start doing more reviews on them here on my blog. You can also check out my Pinterest which is also Kayle’s Quirky Corner for an entire board dedicated to books that I recommend. With all that said let’s get into the review of the day!

Getting Into My Thoughts

The first thing that drew me into this book was the description of the story. It sounded like a true crime type of book, and it honestly had a Criminal Minds vibe. For those that don’t know I am a die hard Criminal Minds fan, and over the years I have also been into many other crime type shows. So when the description of this sounded like an episode I’d watch on one of my favorite shows it peaked my interest.

The cover of this book is also stunningly creepy. When you see the upside down man you’re not quite sure if it is indeed a man or some other entity. I mean we are reading Stephen King here, and you know there is a scare factor up his sleeve. So I have to admit the cover attracted my attention as well. Under the book cover the hard back has a black spine then moves into grey as the main cover. Admittedly, I was a little disappointed in the book without it’s sleeve, but that is a very minor detail.

Getting into the actual content of the book, which is why most of you are here, it certainly starts out strong. I was instantly sucked into the story from the very beginning. There is a massive arrest of a very popular town man for a horrific crime. It really starts with a run, and that tempo continues for a good length of the book. I was a bit worried when the seemingly main event started out the book, but that worry was misplaced. While the book starts with a bang it gives you plenty of other moments of excitement throughout the whole book.

One thing I truly appreciate about this book is Stephen King consulted with a professional so that all the legal talk and actions throughout the book mimic real life. Therefore, from the arrest, to court, to everything that follows it seems legit. A lot of authors do not do enough research before writing about crime so it can disrupt the story from feeling real. However, King did an amazing job of making you feel like the events were really happening. At times it honestly could have been a news report that was on on television because it seemed that real.

There is also tons of back and forth debate throughout the book. At the beginning you are sure the detectives have arrested the right man. Then you start to wonder if they indeed made a massive public mistake. However, this debate goes on for quite some time. As the detectives begin to work the case it gets exceedingly confusing on who really committed the crime. I found myself trying to come up with the end game answer without skipping ahead. Part of me wondered did this man commit the crime, but King has wrote a wonderful way he got away with it. Then on the other hand my mind was trying to connect how an innocent man could be made so guilty. Of course, trying to read King’s mind to guess the ending is near impossible.

I think one reason I enjoy King’s books so much is because you can never truly guess the ending. It will drive you mad trying to figure out the twists and tunnels that exist in a King book. I thoroughly enjoyed reading The Outsider. It kept me on my toes with excitement, but there was also a lot of raw emotions in the book. I found that he did an excellent job of conveying the emotions of not only the family of the arrested man, but also of the lead detective and his family as well as the family of the boy killed. There are plenty of moments of straight up sadness in this book which was a stark contrast to the excitement of wanting to solve the crime. A book that can make me feel all sorts of emotions is my kind of book.

Now, all that being said I have to be honest. The ending of this book totally sucked. No offense to King, but what in the actual Hell is the ending of this book. The problem for me is that there was a lot of build up in this book. I was constantly getting more and more excited with every twist of the story. Then when I got to the end I literally said to myself, “wait a minute, is that it? All that anticipation and that is the answer?!?” It fell flat for me. It felt quite like being excited to watch fireworks all day, they finally light the fuse, and suddenly at last moment it fizzles out and there is no boom. In my opinion it was the most boring way to end such an amazingly exciting book.

So you are probably wondering if I recommend this book to you. My answer is this, I do think you should read it. If you love crime and thrillers then yes this book is full of exactly what you want. However, do not get excited about the end. I had such high expectations for the ending that I was completely let down. You could read it and totally love it. Therefore, I recommend you read it, if for nothing else, for the excitement through the entire book. I just warn to not build up too much anticipation for the end.

Overall I give this book four stars because the whole of the book was great, would have been a five, if not for the end.

Thank you again so so much for stopping by my page! I hope you enjoyed the review, and I can’t wait to hear from you all. Don’t forget if you want more recommendations to click the link to my Pinterest in the sidebar! Have a wonderful day everyone!

What are your thoughts on The Outsider? Let me know in the comments!

~Kayle Jo

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