The Turn Of The Key

Hello everyone!

Welcome back to my quirky corner of the web! How is everyone’s day? Admittedly I am thankful the day is over here! I am, however, super excited to get into this book review! This is a good one guys. So grab a snack and let’s get into it.

My family gave me money for books on Christmas because they know I am a book worm, and they weren’t sure what to pick out. So I may or may not have spent a few hours walking the book store, and came out with eight new books! One of which was The Turn Of The Key by Ruth Ware.

This was my very first Ruth Ware read, but let me tell you I am definitely a new fan. I will be hitting up the book store to find more of her books. This book was literally a page turner! I honestly read the entire book in a single day because I could not put it down. I immediately got swept so far into the story that it felt like I entered a new reality, and I was not intending on leaving any time soon.

As silly as it may seem the first thing that drew me into this book was the lead characters name Rowan Cain. Maybe it’s just me, but I love when a character has a unique name. For me the name of the main characters is just as important as the story line, and Ware certainly chose the perfect names for her characters.

My most favorite part of this book is hands down the detail. I don’t think I have ever read a book that was this detailed about the biggest and smallest things. Every single page describes the story in such incredible detail that it is easy to form a picture in your mind. As I read through the book I literally felt like I was seeing what the main character was seeing. When Rowan see’s Heatherbrae House for the first time you literally see it too. From the high tech door to the sudden traditional pieces to the turquoise walls, you literally see it all. As I read this book there was a movie playing in my mind and I was truly captivated. The amount of detail in this book is simply what makes it the perfect read.

I also think she gave enough away in the beginning to get the reader hooked, but kept just enough secret to keep you on your toes throughout the book. You start out knowing Rowan will be in prison just from reading the blurb about the book, but you really don’t know if she deserves to be or not. So while you know she is put in prison there is still plenty of guesses as to who is truly the guilty one.

This leads me to say there is one obvious answer throughout the book as to who could be guilty, and I am so glad she didn’t choose that ending. If you read the book I think you will find who I am referring too. At times Ware leads you to think hey this is the obvious killer, but in the end she throws a few twists at you and I think it is brilliantly done. I was close to guessing who is truly guilty, but I was slightly off. I will say though I did not guess the actual ending. Take away the part of who is guilty and the end of this book does take you by another total surprise.

First you get surprised by finding out why Rowan was at Heatherbrae House. Then you get to finally get the solid answer of who is guilty. At that point you think you got all the surprises, but no there is still one ultimate surprise that you don’t see coming.

I have to praise Ruth Ware for this stunning book! It is simply an amazing story that you feel like your a part of as you read it. I highly recommend The Turn Of The Key to all of my readers. If you want a suspenseful book that is detailed and keeps you on your toes then look no further. This is your next great read!

Thank you so much for spending time in my quirky corner! I truly appreciate it, and as always I’d love to hear your thoughts on this book! If there is something you think I need to add to my reading list then please comment that as well.


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