21 Day Challenge Update

Hello everyone! How has everyone been doing? All good I sure hope. Life has been stable here for me which I will gladly take. I do have such good and exciting news to report about my past 21 days!

In case you missed my post all about my goals and the 21 day challenge you can view it here https://kaylesquirkycorner.com/2020/01/07/how-i-plan-to-succeed-in-2020/

In that post I introduced the idea of it only taking 21 days to create a habit, and therefore within 21 days you should be able to break a habit. I proposed to cut out fast food, drink more water, and wake up as soon as my alarm went off. Here are my results!

It is not a scam or a lie guys! This challenge actually works. I could not be happier with my results. I admit I was skeptical going in, and people laughed at my choice. Yet here I am 21 days later telling you that it really works!

My first goal was to wake up as soon as my alarm goes off. This task was honestly the hardest for me to do. I have always been a person that sets multiple alarms to then sleep through them all anyway. I was determined to change my ways though, and I admit I am much better at it now. There were certainly some rocky points, but I didn’t let one bad day get me off track. If I had a day where I stayed in bed I promised myself to do better the next day. Now at the end of my first challenge I honestly am much better at mornings. It still isn’t an easy thing to do for me, but I am now in the habit of forcing myself to do it anyway. I am so much more alert, and not nearly as tired doing it this way.

My second challenge was to cut out fast food. I had a bad habit of going out to lunch everyday which was not only expensive but unhealthy. This surprisingly was my easiest habit to break. I only caved twice which once was for a salad at subway and the other was a dinner out with family. Other than that I honestly completely avoided fast food. Now I wasn’t necessarily eating all healthy, but I did cut out greasy fast food lunch. I honestly don’t even have a desire to go out to eat anymore.

My third and final challenge was to drink more water, and this one is by far my most successful. I decided to use my fit bit to track my daily water intake so that I could see my progress throughout the day. My fit bit app is set to 80 ounces of water a day so that is the guideline I followed. Not only did it get easier to reach my goal over the 21 days, but it also had a result I didn’t expect. I expected to have healthier skin, to feel better, but I didn’t expect the weight loss. Throughout those 21 days I lost 15 pounds! Now as I mentioned I wasn’t eating all healthy, therefore, that weight loss is due to the increase in water intake.

So if you were a skeptic before let this show you that you can change your life in 21 days! I am happier, healthier, and looking forward to my next challenge. Now for the next 21 days I have three new challenges for myself. The first is to switch to healthier food options. The second it to give skill share classes a full chance. Lastly, I want to post two blog posts per week.

So my last 21 days were a total success, and I am looking forward to my next set of challenges. But I also have one more challenge and it is for you! That’s right I am challenging all my readers to pick one habit to build or break over the next 21 days! Let’s make this the year of change!

What habit will you take on for the next 21 days?

Kayle Jo

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