Upcoming Book Releases I Can’t Wait For

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to my quirky corner of the web! How is everyone doing? I myself am a bit under the weather. I swear you could put me in the worlds most sterilized plastic bubble, and I would still manage to catch a cold. So lots of hot tea is in my foreseeable future. Despite that I am beyond excited to talk about eight new 2020 book releases! Now as you can probably guess these books are all within the thriller genre. Thrillers are my favorite to read so they are always what catches my attention. If you guys happen to have any books releasing this year in a different genre please let me know as I would love to expand my genres.

That being said if your excited to know which eight thrillers have caught my eye keep on scrolling. And don’t forget if you like what you read please be sure to like this post, and subscribe so you don’t miss future content.

Coming in first is a January release from Lisa Gardner! This book was published on January 28th, but I had to still mention it because I cannot wait to purchase it! If you love the thriller genre then you must read everything you can from Lisa Gardner! She really is a total queen of writing thrillers, and I love her use of the same characters throughout some of her books. This particular book follows two popular characters of hers, Flora Dane and Detective D.D Warren. The basis of When You See Me is a task force following the digital bread crumbs of a recently deceased serial kidnapper. From what I’ve read it seems his past crimes aren’t nearly as bad as what they are about to discover after he is dead. I also love the continuation of the Flora Dane story. Flora first appears in a Gardner book as a kidnap victim herself, and her continued story just gets more and more interesting. I cannot wait to see where she is going next, and who doesn’t love a good crime book?

Next up on my list is a book that is seemingly destined for me to read. Not only does Scott Carson’s The Chill release on my birthday, but it also came as a recommendation from Stephen King. For those that don’t know Stephen King is an idol of mine so when I saw him post this book a few months ago I knew I had to get it. This book deals with a sunken city, supernatural forces, and potential for sacrifices. Sign me up! The water element is really what drives me to want to read this book. There is something about taking a horror story to the water that intrigues me. The Chill seems to combine the mistakes of the past with the consequences of the future. It really sounds like it will have a lot of potential. I don’t fully know what will happen in this book, but I am intrigued to find out, and this will be my first Scott Carson book. Release Date is February 11, 2020.


Next up is The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James another new author to me. This book caught my eye because it is a thriller set in a motel which is another horror match made in heaven. This book follows two separate time lines one which is set in 1982 and the other in 2017. I always like when a book runs separate timelines. In this case we first follow Viv who mysteriously disappears, and later her niece who goes back to the motel to try to find answers. I haven’t been able to find any information on what the girls deal with in this motel, but it seems to be a potential ghost story. Either way I have been colored intrigued. All the blurbs for this book say it is chilling, mysterious, and will have you captivated from the first page. It does sound different than my typical thriller, but I can’t wait to see what it is all about. The release date is expected February 18, 2020.


New from Mary Kubica this year is The Other Mrs. Kubica is another queen of the thriller genre in my humble opinion. The lead character in this book is Sadie a woman who moves from Chicago to Maine with her husband. They seem to lead a perfectly normal life until their next door neighbor is found murdered, and Sadie is found to be a suspect. Of course Sadie starts looking into her murdered neighbors life only to find that some secrets are better left buried. This seems like a classic who done it story, and admittedly I love those. I like trying to predict who the bad people are, and I love it when the author goes with the least obvious person. I am hoping for some really good plot twists with this one because Kubica usually does really good ones that you don’t see coming. The Other Mrs. releases on February 18, 2020.



Another new author for me is Heather Chavez with her new book No Bad Deed. This one I found at random, and it reminds a bit of a movie I saw where a woman tries to help a man, but he ends up being dangerous. I am totally blanking on the name, but this book gives similar vibes. It follows Cassie who is your every day genuinely good person. She comes across a woman in danger along side the road, and she can’t resist helping her. The woman a domestic violence victim warns the woman not to help because her abuser will come after her too. Cassie ignores the warning, but when her own husband goes missing the next day she can’t help but wonder if it is a coincidence or if the woman was right. This sounds like a very interesting family thriller. I like the idea behind a good deed going wrong. It is just a wonderful set up that allows for plenty of plot twists, and could be a potential page turner. I really hope this one is a success. No Good Deed also releases on February 18, 2020.

Follow Me by Kathleen Barber allows me to find yet another new author! I may be all about the thriller genre, but at least I am discovering new authors. I think Follow Me is the book the world needs in 2020. This story promises to deep dive into the scary dark side of social media. As we live in a time now that social media is a huge part of our lives I think it’s important to talk about the dangers of putting your whole life online for the world to see. This story follows a blogger who moves to Washington D.C for a new job. While she gets busy impressing her new boss, and posting her life all over Instagram one of her followers is getting closer. What she doesn’t know is she moved close to a follower who has been obsessing over her every move, and now she is within reaching distance. I think this story can not only be an on the edge of your seat thriller, but also a highlight to the dangers of the internet. I cannot wait to see what happens to the lead in this story. Release date is February 25, 2020

Probably one of the most anticipated for me is Eight Perfect Murders by Peter Swanson. Swanson is a new author to me, but what intrigued me is the title of this book. I love a good murder story. This story follows Malcolm a bookseller and mystery fan. He innocently compiles a list of the most perfect literary murders, but an actual killer decides to use his list for inspiration. This leads Malcolm to not just enjoy a good mystery, but to also be a part of one. This idea intrigues me more than any other because it plays on the idea of how many serial killers pull inspiration for their murders from books. The idea of the perfect murder has been around for years, and it always fascinates me. Perhaps that is the psychology graduate side of me talking. This one is certainly top on my list for this year, and I can’t wait to see if it lives up to its hype. Release date is March 3, 2020.


Last but certainly not least is Malorie A Bird Box Novel by Josh Malerman. As we all know Bird Box blew up in 2018 when Netflix released it as a movie. However, not surprisingly the book was so much better. I liked the movie don’t get me wrong, but books are always better. So when I saw that there was a new book coming to tell more of the story I was jumping for joy! The only information I have found on this is that obviously we focus on Malorie, but this time she confronts the dangers of the new world on her own. I have so many questions like is this a retelling of the story, if its a continuation then where are her kids, and will there be new dangers coming. Malerman could take this story in so many different directions, and I cannot wait to see which direction he takes. I do enjoy a good end of the world as we know it story so I am beyond ready for this. Release date is July 21, 2020.

So that’s it guys, those are eight new releases that I am psyched for this year! I would love to know what books you all are anticipating so comment them below so I can check them out!

As always thank you for spending time in my quirky corner, and I’ll be back soon

~Kayle Jo

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