The Silent Patient

“Unputdownable, emotionally chilling, and intense, with a twist that will make even the most seasoned suspense reader break out in a cold sweat.”


Hello everyone! Welcome back.

Man oh man today was a rough one. I legit am ready to crawl into bed and forget reality. However, I’m focusing my energy into a new book review instead. I hope you guys are doing better than I am. And hey if your in the same boat then hopefully this review cheers you up!

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Now last time I posted a review you might remember it was a tad on the negative side. Well guess what? Go ahead guess. This review is about a thousand times more positive, and I can’t wait to talk about it! So let’s get into it! And don’t forget if you like this content be sure to subscribe, and like this so you don’t miss future content.

I started this post off with a Quote from Booklist, and the reason I did that is because it quite literally sums up my thoughts on this book perfectly. It also happens to be the blurb on the back of the book that got my interest. I happen to be a very seasoned reader when it comes to the thriller genre. So it takes some wit and twisted thinking to shock me. Well let me tell you now Alex Michaelides shocked the hell out of me!

This story follows two main characters which are Alicia the patient and Theo the psychotherapist. The basis for the story is that Alicia murders her husband, and then goes silent refusing to speak a single word. Years after being locked into the Grove Theo comes along and wants to get her speaking to hear why she killed her husband.

I first connected with this book because it does focus heavily on Theo’s story. Theo is a psychotherapist that comes from a bad childhood, and the story does actually talk about it quite a lot. I relate to this because I have my psychology degree and I grew up in a bad home. In one part of the story Theo talks about how a person only ever goes into psychology because they have issues they want to understand. Which is quite literally why I got my degree in it. So it did connect to me in that sense rather quickly.

I also loved the use of timelines. The timeline of events ultimately is the reason why the end is so shocking. Throughout the book you are following Alicia’s story based on diary entries she wrote, and others speaking of what happened. Then you are also following Theo’s personal life outside of his work. It makes for an interesting dynamic. Without giving too much away I will say pay close attention to the timeline because everything is not as it seems.

Alicia’s story is almost entirely told first through her diary entries. I really liked this part because it felt like you were reading someones personal diary. It really helped you see who Alicia was before she quit speaking. Hearing others recant the tale was also interesting because I quite imagine it would be the same way in reality. Each person has their version of events based on what they need to hide, and what they can gain. The story really kept me intrigued the whole way through.

I wanted to keep reading because I wanted to know what was going to happen. Throughout the book a number of people begin to look guilty. The more people that Theo talks to the more people seem to have a motive. I found myself questioning whether Alicia was innocent or guilty. I could easily see how so many others could be the guilty one. I genuinely didn’t know who the bad guy was until the last chapters. It for the first time in a long time kept me guessing all the way to the end.

The Silent Patient is quite literally a genre of its own. It was such an original thriller that it shocked me to my core. The story on its own is very interesting, and it keeps you turning the pages. Then when you realize you’ve been being tricked the entire time it is mind blowing. I did not see the end coming until it smacked me in my face. This was not a book that made me want to throw it or one that underwhelmed me. It was a book that shocked me into silence as I sat there processing what I had just read. I absolutely loved that.

So much praise to Alex Michaelides! Honestly, he is an amazing writer with an amazing mind. I hope he writes more because I will read anything with his name on it. This is the book as a thriller lover that I needed. It was a breath of fresh air in the thriller world. I recommend this whether you’ve read a thousand thrillers or none. Trust me you will not be disappointed, and you will be in for one hell of an interesting ride!

Thank you guys so much for the overwhelming response on my last review, and I hope you enjoy this one too. I appreciate every single one of you that take part of your day or night and spend it in my quirky corner. Until next time, Keep reading readers.

~Kayle Jo

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