Never Tell

“A man is dead, shot three times in his home office, and when the cops arrive his pregnant wife is holding the gun.”

Hello Everyone!

Welcome back to my quirky corner. So how is everyone doing? Remaining as safe as possible during this crazy time I hope. I do just want to say a huge thank you to any of my readers that have to remain at work despite mandatory quarantine. I know it is tough to go in to work right now, but you really are the heroes helping people get through this, and I believe you should know you are appreciated.

That being said I want to bring some positivity into your life. Right now I think the whole world could use some light hearted content for a distraction. So here I am with another book review for you guys!

Today I want to talk about my most recent read Never Tell by the queen Lisa Gardner. Now if you couldn’t tell Gardner is one of my favorite authors. She really is a queen of suspense and thrills. I first fell in love with her writing when I found her book Right Behind You. After that book I literally went out and bought every other book she had out at the time. I currently only lack one in my collection. Therefore, it is clear that I am a Lisa Gardner fan. I honestly hope to meet her one day.

I was excited to read Never Tell because it brings back two of my favorite characters detective D.D Warren and Flora Dane. These two characters are in many of Gardner’s books, and they really bring something unique to the table. No matter how many times their stories are told it just never gets old. However, that being said I will say this one is not my favorite Gardner novel.

I liked the premise of this book. It follows Evie who years ago admitted to killing her father, but it gets ruled an accident. Fast forward to the present and the police find her next to her dead husband with a gun in her hand. Leaving the question was there really two accidental murders or is that too much of a coincidence?

The story line and the characters totally drew me in, and had me eager to read the book. There was moments of a good story line, but it was a bit too slow paced for me. The story just moved along very slow, and because it jumped from three separate perspectives it was a little all over the place for me. I didn’t like hearing from Flora for example, and then it jumping to Evie or D.D and changing the subject. I can’t pin point why it bothered me so much in this one, but it honestly made it less enjoyable to read.

The other issue was I figured out the ending way to soon. Whenever I read a thriller I expect to be shocked in the end. When I start to figure out the ending, and I end up not being wrong about it the fun is ruined. I feel like she took the very obvious and easy ending. I mean I literally figured out the bad guy by the middle of the book. That certainly slowed it down even further for me.

That being said it is not terrible. I forever respect Gardner as a writer, and it was inevitable that I would find a novel of hers that I didn’t love. I didn’t dislike the book as a whole. There were some really good parts to the story that I enjoyed reading. I loved that this story dived back into the history of Jacob Ness. The fact that she took a scene from a past book, and then built on it was brilliant. Of course one of my all time favorite books of hers is when we first get introduced to Flora and Jacob. Therefore, obviously I love the continuation of that story. The other highlight for me was the dead husbands back story. He was ultimately the mystery throughout the whole book that I didn’t have figured out. It honestly is what kept me reading. Was he a bad guy or was he some kind of secret hero? It really is hard to know the answer when they begin to dig into his life.

I will also say that in the end this was a good crime story. If this book were turned into a crime television series I would not be upset about it. It is rare that I say this, but I think this could do better on a big screen than it did as a book. The story line is a good one.

So do I recommend you read it? Always. I almost always recommend you give a book a chance. Just because I didn’t fall in love with it doesn’t mean that you won’t. Never Tell has hundreds of good reviews so who am I to say you shouldn’t read it. If you like crime stories give this one a shot. I overall would give it 3.5 stars.

Thank you for joining me for another book review! I really want to get in the habit of uploading more content for you guys. So please if you have any suggestions of any type of content you want to see from me leave me a comment! I would really appreciate reader input. Stay safe everyone!

Kayle Jo

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